DEVJI AURUM launches an Iconic Art Series in Collaboration with Bahraini Renowned Artist KHALIL AL HASHIMI

Devji Aurum Design House & Studio, one of the leading jewellery designers and manufacturers in the Kingdom of Bahrain is proud to launch an iconic series entitled “The Art Collection”. A series of conceptual collections that will be designed to bear the signature of a featured visionary artist and masterfully crafted by Devji Aurum, inspired by icons for those who seek to be iconic.

The soft launch took place on Sunday 16th June 2019, at Devji Aurum boutique at Seef Mall. Devji Aurum was pleased to have art enthusiasts and jewellery collectors discovering the new collection through this special occasion.

The first edition of the Art Collection “Rafrafa” is a concept that emerged from a monumental collaborative effort to achieve an ambitious dream with renowned Bahraini sculpture artist Khalil Al Hashimi. The entire collection was designed by Devji Aurum artisans, careful precision was taken to maintain the purity of the original form of the artist’s concepts, pushing the boundaries aesthetically, functionally and innovatively. The result is a dialogue between the colossal world of sculpture and the delicate world of jewellery.

Mr. Mahesh Devji, Managing Director of Devji Aurum commented on the occasion: “With an exceptional journey of research and development, Devji Aurum Design House and Studio is proud to introduce the first edition of the Art Collection ‘Rafrafa’. The Devji family have been patrons and connoisseurs of various forms of art for seven decades, introducing intricate forms of designs through jewellery. The Art Collection is a fruition of Devji Aurum Design House and Studio’s vision to bring fine arts and master craftsmanship under one roof ”.

Mr. Khalil Al Hashimi, Bahraini Sculpture Artist commented: “As a child, living by the shores of Manama, I always admired the seagulls that walked in the sands and leapt into flight with the winds; creatures that danced between two worlds. As an artist, I longed to celebrate that spirit of eternal freedom in my sculptures. I am thrilled that this celebration through the efforts of Devji Aurum has been transformed into a wearable token. I hope these birds find a nest in your hearts, as they have found their way into mine”.

Dev Devji, Devji Aurum Design Studio Director added: “Rafrafa Collection captures the aspiration of free spirits towards enlightenment. “Rafrafa” is the Arabic word for “flutter” which is represented by the delicate elegance of the birds that adorn this collection. To the wearer, these birds symbolise the serenity and inner peace of one’s soul chosen moments of inaction and repose”.

He stressed the brand’s dedication to innovation, affirming that Devji Aurum has narrated spellbinding stories since its inception in 1950. “Devji enhances the spirit of visual artistry, indulging client’s senses and capturing their imagination,”.

For the past seven decades, Devji Aurum has been a trendsetter in crafting innovative ways to fulfil the aspirations of its discerning clients. Stemming from its commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer’s ease.



Devji Aurum is one of Bahrain’s foremost names for excellence in gold along with jewelry designing and manufacturing. The company has a proud tradition in offering the best to its customers in quality and value.


Khalil Alhashimi, born 1949, holds a master degree in sculpture from the academy of fine arts, Leningrad, Russia. A Bahraini pioneer, his work has been exhibited internationally and across the gulf. His signature bird sculptures are a recurring motif in his career constantly deconstructing the material to reveal the ethereal.

Devji Aurum is located in A’ali Complex, Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre @devjiaurum

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