Purificacion Garcia’s latest revelation – a stylish capsule of modest wear, perfect for Eid celebrations.

Founded in 1981, Purificacion Garcia has become synonymous with bold designs and a dynamic approach to style. With a presence in the Middle East, the brand continues reinventing itself with unique collections for special occasions. With the latest Ramadan Collection 2024, embrace the season’s festivities with meticulously crafted ensembles, celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and the occasion of Eid.

In a nod to tradition and modernity, the collection features lightweight silhouettes that delicately drape the body while offering discreet coverage. Drawing inspiration from the lush green landscapes of Arabia, the colour palette pays homage to the region’s natural beauty, with nocturnal floral realms and geometric intricacies adorning the print. The interplay of fabrics further elevates the assortment, with the luminous sheen of lurex and the opulence of oversized sequins adding a touch of glamour.

The accessories are exquisite gifts and perfect companions to complement the curated ensembles. Among these, standout pieces such as the Homenaje Acolchado, La Gran Manzana, Samburu and Soho bags are designed to elevate the style of every outfit they accompany.

As the Holy Month culminates in the joyous celebration of Eid, transitioning seamlessly, these pieces can be effortlessly styled for the festive occasion. Whether adding statement accessories or layering with complementary pieces, this capsule offers endless possibilities for expressing individuality and grace.


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