Volvo is a brand that prides itself on being at the forefront of design, safety and sustainability. This well-respected Swedish-based vehicle manufacturer has committed itself to an electric future, recently unveiling several new all-electric vehicles.

Thanks to the team at Volvo Bahrain, OHLALA got to experience the newly released Volvo C40 Recharge – a stylish, fully electric crossover with impeccable exterior and interior design, along with a wealth of tech and safety features.


Our first impression of this 2024 model was that it has a futuristic look, both sleeker and more powerful than its predecessors. Demanding attention at the front end is the covered grille with body-coloured grille frame and insert that endows the C40 Recharge with a distinct visual update.

We loved the beautifully crafted bodyline of the flanks, running smartly from tip to boot, with convex and concave surfaces harmonising with the shaping of the bonnet. We found the distinctive, frameless door mirror covers in glossy Black Stone to emphasise the exclusive character of the car, with the 20-inch, five-spoke Black Diamond Cut wheels hinting strongly at the on-road intentions of this Scandinavian gem.

Although the C40 Recharge looks like it means business at the front end, the fastback style roofline at the rear provides the 2024 model with its sporty prowess. Everywhere we looked, exterior elements seemed to have been refreshed, including the distinctly Volvo rear lighting arrangement running on either side of the tinted rear window, from roof to tailgate.


In the C40 Recharge, Volvo has created its first all-vegan interior with no animal-based materials. To us, all elements, trims and finishes felt solidly crafted with a first-class feel. A high-tech, dark-tinted, laminated glass panoramic sunroof protects passengers from glare and UV radiation while ensuring natural light throughout the cabin.

The space in the cockpit has been used effectively, with everything in exactly the right place and enough space to keep front occupants comfortable. We loved the feel of the adaptive power steering wheel and appreciated the multiple storage areas and smart fastenings throughout.

Our favourite internal design feature was the visually pleasing graphics on the dashboard and front door panels, which were directly inspired by the Abisko National Park in Sweden. The contours of a topography map of the park were traced and used to create an abstract digitalised design with a layered pattern. The inclusion of LED backlighting creates an atmospheric, three-dimensional effect.

“Although the C40 Recharge looks like it means business at the front end, the fastback style roofline at the rear provides the 2024 model with its sporty prowess.”

The hands-free power tailgate ensured effortless access to the luggage compartment and we easily expanded the 15 cubic feet of cargo space to 49 cubic feet by folding the rear seating flat. This option makes the C40 Recharge a practical and versatile vehicle – great for longer trips and day-to-day use.


Volvo have equipped the new C40 Recharge with high-quality nine-inch centre and 12-inch driver displays.

We discovered that the brand has partnered with Google for most of their systems, meaning we could easily access many well-known apps like Google Assist, Google Maps and more through Google Play. Furthermore, the C40 Recharge receives automatic over-the-air updates. Despite being an Android-based system, it’s also compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Other must-mention tech features include wireless phone charging, the advanced air purifier, the useful Volvo Car app and the superb Harman Kardon Premium Sound System.

As a Volvo, it’s no surprise this SUV has a full suite of safety and driver assistance features. The technology assisted us by adapting the car’s speed to maintain a safe distance behind vehicles. It also kept the SUV centred in our lane. The C40 Recharge will even come to a complete stop if the driver does not respond to a major incident.


When we first entered the vehicle, we could not locate the ignition. Initially confused, we eventually realised that there is no need for a key, as the power adjustable driver’s seat has a weight sensor in it that automatically starts the car when the driver is there. Being an electric vehicle, the startup makes no noise. Only once we shifted the car into Drive and applied pressure to the accelerator could we confirm the car was actually running. Fortunate enough to be test driving the C40 Recharge Twin Motor, our model packed two electric motors, one mounted on the front axle and one on the rear. This surprisingly capable setup produces 300kW of power and 660Nm of torque, allowing us to surge from 0-100km/h in a mere 4.6 seconds. It also means a top speed of around 180km/h.

Once able to stop chuckling at the sheer might of the vehicle, we began to appreciate the finer nuances of its performance. The 2024 C40 Recharge is clearly a competent vehicle. Along with its powerful acceleration, we appreciated the confident handling, proficient cornering abilities, adept braking system and overall enjoyable ride.

Volvo have stated the dual-motor C40 delivers a respectable EPA-estimated range of around 444 kilometres when fully charged. It should take around eight hours to charge your C40 from flat to full using 22kW AC charging. Public fast charging stations provide a 10% to 80% charge in around 28 minutes.

For more information or to book a test drive of your own,
please call Volvo Bahrain on 1750 0900.

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