Love Language

There are many ways to express your affection for someone, and Miss Ohlala brings three gemstones that are strongly connected to this honourable feeling.

The relationship between love and jewellery is a historic one. The Ancient Egyptians used jewels to symbolise fondness and loyalty to their gods and loved ones. In Ancient Rome, they were exchanged as tokens of commitment and marriage; in the Middle Ages, rings were engraved with symbols of devotion and passion. Nowadays, many cultures worldwide use jewellery to express their deepest feelings. Some gems are directly connected to love – these are our chosen ones:

The most popular gemstone is, undeniably, diamonds! They are revered as an unmatched symbol of everlasting love and commitment, commonly seen in engagement rings and wedding bands. Diamonds ignite romance with their luminous light, and their sparkle keeps it alive throughout the long journey of commitment. They also represent purity and strength of feeling.

Ruby is known as a symbol of passion and fiery emotion. It is also a stone connected to the root chakra, providing a sense of self-confidence, which is great for those who lose their identity in a relationship. Its vibrant energy is believed to bring excitement and joy to romantic connections while keeping us grounded and secure with ourselves.

The rose quartz and its delicate pink tone represent unconditional love; this gem radiates compassion and is considered a stone that opens the heart chakra. Its soothing energy heals wounds and promotes forgiveness and trust. Which is your favourite one?

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