Some say travelling together qualifies as a love language – we wholeheartedly agree!

It’s that time of the year again when the zeitgeist has unilaterally bestowed the honour on February of being that special month of love. Though we prefer not to limit the best of our affection just to this particular set of days. Any reason to share, celebrate and express this enigmatic driving force we call love is as good an excuse as any!

It’s great to be in love, to give, to receive, to care and share! But why just be in love right there where you are? How about skipping the usual gifts this time around and doing something a bit more exciting together? The feeling of love moves us like no other, so this time, let it inspire you to grab that special someone and get away to a whole new world or at least the next best thing – a scintillating new destination!

Go on, add a few new pages of sparkle and wonderment to your love story, here are some of our recommendations:


Emerging from the seas in the heart of the South Pacific, the island of Bora Bora is the jewel of French Polynesia. Famous for its breathtaking turquoise lagoon (quite possibly the most beautiful in the world) and stunning white sandy beaches, it’s the perfect setting for a romantic escape. Even during the peak season when the resorts are full, Bora Bora never feels crowded, affording couples that carefree solitude that is rarely experienced among other island destinations. Surrounded by natural beauty, the majestic Mount Otemanu stands proudly in the middle of a lagoon of the clearest water that reflects spectacular shades of turquoise and blue. The lagoon is ringed by a coral reef dotted with small, idyllic islets called motu, where elegant overwater bungalows offer couples a distinct sense of privacy and also direct access to the sea, a dream stay! Take an early morning swim together before breakfast or spend the evenings sipping on beverages while basking in the glorious sunset. For the adventurous, scuba diving and snorkelling together in the azure waters, admiring the colourful fish and gorgeous coral gardens, will create memories to last a lifetime. Then spend evenings holding hands walking the serene shores of the palm-fringed beaches speaking sweet nothings and making heartfelt promises to each other. There are few better places to be in love!


For couples who find joy in sightseeing and exploring new locations together, there are few places that can top the ‘Eternal City’– Rome. Steeped in history, the city embodies a certain passion, prestige and inimitable charm. After all, these February 14 celebrations are in commemoration of a Roman priest named Saint Valentine, who’s fondly remembered as the patron saint of lovers, and for a good reason. Once there, let your inner Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck come alive as you ride around the city on a Vespa like in the 1950s’ film Roman Holiday. Then don’t forget to stop at the famed Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that if you throw three coins in the right way, you might soon be hearing wedding bells. Visit the Spanish Steps and click the loveliest photos that will adorn the walls of your home. Or watch the city float by as you take a romantic boat ride down the Tiber River. If you share an affinity for history, there are some of the best museums, art galleries, exhibits and cultural centres to explore. Rome invites you to discover and get lost roaming its cobbled streets for hours on end while also taking regular breaks to indulge in some of the most delicious preparations Italian cuisine has to offer. Then, after it all, unwind in the most fanciful way by booking a table at a rooftop restaurant and taking in the spectacular views.


The rugged and tranquil beauty of Iceland sets the stage for a unique romantic getaway for couples who want to step away from the usual spots and escape the humdrum of their everyday lives. Start your journey in the country’s vibrant and charming capital city, Reykjavik. Take in the distinctive local architecture, then visit landmarks such as the iconic Hallgrímskirkja Church, numerous museums and art galleries and indulge in Icelandic delicacies at one of the city’s many restaurants and cafes. But that’s just the get Away to experiencing Iceland’s natural wonders. Book a Northern Lights tour and experience this awe-inspiring celestial magic show perched on a mountain or while relaxing with your partner in a natural hot spring or one of the geothermal spas. Few things will ever get this good! Take a trip to the iconic Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa nestled within a stunning lava field and experience the best spa day of your lives together surrounded by a mesmerising volcanic landscape. Embark on a journey to the Golden Circle, a famous route that showcases some of Iceland’s most remarkable natural attractions, such as the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall, Geysir hot springs and the scenic Thingvellir National Park. All the while taking the time to sneak in those precious lingering moments of pure elation as you share each other’s company in this utopian setting.


Marrakech is the perfect place to fall in love for the curious at heart. With a mix of European, Middle Eastern and African cultures, the famous ‘Red City’ is a place like no other. Immerse yourselves into this special atmosphere by first booking a stay at a riad, a traditional Moroccan house designed to resemble an Oriental palace. These intimate and luxuriously opulent properties leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped back in time. Get lost in old Medina’s amazing souqs that are brimming with life as you mingle with locals and work together as a team to try and bargain for great deals from merchants selling jewellery, rugs, leather, art, clothing, souvenirs and so much more! Post all that moving around, take a moment to sample the delights of an authentic Moroccan bath (Hammam) and enjoy all the pampering treatments as a couple. Then, step outside the hustle of the city and spend quality time together at the Majorelle Gardens, a lush small oasis in the middle of the desert. Or better yet, float into the sky together and get an exhilarating bird’s-eye view of the stunning open landscapes on a hot-air balloon ride. And few things could top an incredible glamping experience as you make the most of your break and spend time genuinely appreciating and reconnecting with each other. Let the experience culminate with the most romantic candlelit dinner under the desert sky surrounded by the starkly beautiful scenery.

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