The Holy Month is upon us, and it is time to transform our wardrobes to embrace the spirit of Ramadan.

The month-long period is a time of introspection and an opportunity to gather with family and friends – meaning a special dress code is required. Not only more covered options but also eye-catching gowns to attend Iftars and Ghabgas in style with your loved ones.

Clothing gets more modest with loose-fitting numbers covering shoulders, elbows and knees. Jalabiyas, dresses and separates usually come painted in vibrant colours, prints and shiny elements. Lightweight fabrics that give a flowy effect to the gowns are a favourite pick, mainly during warm weather.

Local and regional brands use the moment to showcase their modest designs, but an aspect that caught our attention is that every year, more and more international brands develop capsules to celebrate this special period in the Middle East. Well-known names such as Valentino, Max Mara, Celine and Christian Louboutin have curated collections targeting this period.

We selected a few styles to inspire your Ramadan looks.


Long dresses, kaftans and jalabiyas are popular choices. They are comfy and easy to wear on any occasion. V-necked pieces are traditional, and a chunky necklace can beautifully complement the outfit.


Even though green is the colour of the Holy Month, we spotted many brands colouring their pieces in various shades of blue. The hue represents the sky and the sea and is associated with wisdom, faith and loyalty.


Long-sleeved shirts and short tunics are a great pick if you want to go for separates. They can match a wide-legged bottom or be paired with tailored trousers. They come in array of options and are a more casual way of styling your Ramadan outfits.


Loose outfits take on extra panache with flowy materials, from silk and rayon to chiffon and organza. Layers using transparency are a stylish way to embrace a buoyant effect.


Black is always a classic choice, and solid, vibrant pieces are common. However, unique printed outfits are the best way to stand out respectfully. They vary from floral and abstract shapes to metallic add-ons.


Talking about metallic, shimmering elements are always present during this time of the year. Golden, silver and even colourful glitter paint clothes and accessories, almost like shifting the lights present in home décor into wearable pieces.


Always on the sophisticated side, shoes also incorporate the gleaming mode. The styles are high-heeled sandals, slingbacks and everyone’s favourite: mules. The truth is that they are versatile, adding poise to the simple cuts of the clothes.

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