With the Muonionalusta meteorite gracing every dial, OMEGA’s Constellation collection offers a tangible piece of the universe right on your wrist.

The allure of the cosmos has long captivated the imagination, inspiring art, literature and, now, horology. OMEGA’s latest addition to its Constellation collection draws from the celestial world, offering timepieces that are as unique as the stars themselves.

At the heart of this collection lies the Muonionalusta meteorite, a relic from the dawn of time, dating back over 4.5 billion years. Each dial, crafted from this ancient space material, tells a story as old as the universe itself. What sets these watches apart is the promise of individuality; no two dials are alike. To complement the cosmic allure of the meteorite dials, OMEGA have employed the most advanced colour treatment technologies, adding a contemporary twist to these timeless timepieces.

The Constellation Collection offers an array of pieces, with each model meticulously crafted to cater to different preferences and wrist sizes. Within this stunning selection, you’ll find 20 exquisite watches, presenting five choices in each size category to ensure there’s a perfect fit for every wearer.

41mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer:
For those who prefer a larger option, the 41mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer stands out with its stainless-steel construction and sleek black ceramic bezel. The meteorite dial is treated with a rhodium-grey galvanic colour, while the hands, indexes and Constellation star have received a black PVD treatment, giving a contrast.

29mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer:
A bi-colour model in the 29mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer range, is crafted from stainless steel and 18-carat yellow gold, exuding class. The meteorite dial, enhanced by a PVD Moonshine Gold colour treatment, radiates a captivating brilliance, accompanied by dazzling diamond hour markers and a diamond-paved bezel.

28mm selection:
For a more delicate wrist, the 28mm selection offers a model in stainless steel and 18-carat Sedna Gold. The icy blue colour treatment of the meteorite dial, paired with diamond hour markers, evokes a sense of celestial beauty, while a stamped Constellation Observatory medallion adorns the caseback.

25mm selection:
Like the 28mm pieces, the 25mm selection exudes elegance with a bi-colour model in stainless steel and 18-carat Sedna Gold. Featuring diamonds on the bezel and hour markers and a meteorite dial treated to a captivating lilac hue, this timepiece is a harmonious blend of luxury and celestial charm. A Constellation Observatory medallion features on this caseback as well.

Whether your preference leans towards sizeable dials or petite ones, steel or gold cases, there exists a watch to match every taste, size and personality.

Omega collections are available at Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BJC).

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