Inventions from the visionaries at Chopard, the maison’s classics are reimagined and destined for eternal admiration.

Chopard, synonymous with Swiss watchmaking excellence, ingeniously reinvent classics with modern twists. Witness the sophistication of their latest releases, each embodying the brand’s commitment to evolving with the times while maintaining unparalleled craft.

This piece is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and enduring elegance, which pays homage to the revered St. Moritz legacy. Created with the brand’s innovative Lucent Steel, an alloy made in-house, it combines sustainability with durability, boasting anti-allergenic properties and a unique ability to reflect light reminiscent of gold. With its captivating Aletsch Blue dial and precision in-house movement, the collection offers sizes suited to diverse preferences, catering to both men and women. From the robust 41mm model to the delicate 33mm version adorned with a subtle diamond-set bezel, Alpine Eagle signifies versatility and sophistication. Beyond its horological prowess, the Alpine Eagle represents a symbol of aspiration and personal achievement, resonating with individuals who navigate life’s challenges with grace and determination.

Born in 1993, Happy Sport epitomises women’s empowerment with its bold design and playful dancing diamonds. Available in 30mm and 36mm Lucent Steel cases, the latest models feature a soft pink dial exuding elegance. Crafted from 80% recycled material, Lucent Steel enhances the brilliance and durability of the watch. The pastel hue of the dial, accented by a sunburst effect, symbolises confident femininity. Designed by Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Happy Sport combines sophistication with an active lifestyle, celebrating modern femininity. A true style icon, it reflects the essence of joy and freedom, making it a timeless talisman for women on the move.

A tribute to creativity and feminine intuition, this watch is inspired by Caroline Scheufele’s love for roses. Crafted with ethical 18-carat rose gold, the 36mm case is adorned with diamonds, reflecting Caroline’s garden blooms. The gradient of pink sapphires and rubies on the bezel and hour markers mirrors the spring hues of her garden. The motherof-pearl dial, with its guilloché centre, offers a serene backdrop for the perpetual dance of diamonds, providing a calming contrast to the passage of time. Rubies on the crown and cabochons complement the fuchsia leather strap, enhancing the timepiece’s elegance. Driven by a self-winding movement, the Happy Sport Rose de Caroline boasts a 42-hour power reserve, combining horological precision with artisanal craftsmanship. As part of Chopard’s commitment to sustainability, the gold used in this creation is ethically sourced, aligning with the maison’s dedication to responsible luxury practices.

For more information on Chopard collections please visit Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BIC).


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