MELEK YILDIRIMTEKIN sashayed down to 34 MAYFAIR’S revered Weekend Brunch with its seasonal menu and international influences, and left longing to return.

From the moment we arrived, we knew we were going to be in for a treat. We were met with colour popping florals, which is always a good sign and it truly set the scene for our gastronomic affair. 34 Mayfair Restaurant exterior aligned and complemented its lush interior which showcases itself as being influenced by the Art Deco period. Contemporary elegance and sophistication was intertwined in the furnishings in bucket loads as was the evident pride that projected from their humble and down-to-earth staff. Now, this is what Londoners want. Once greeted by our host, their staff politely cabined away our shopping bags and coats which immediately allowed us to relax and take in the grandeur of the surroundings. As we were shown to our table by the Grand Piano, we couldn’t help but peer over at the full restaurant guests plates! It all smelled heavenly and was presented beautifully!

A simple and not overwhelming brunch menu – served Saturday and Sunday between 11:30am to 5pm – with a decor to make one feel like they’ve just stepped into an award winning piece of art. Quality meats, fresh fish and seafood adorned the menu in an understated yet elegant fashion. The Ceviche caught my eye as did my favourite ingredient; truffle. We were after brunch and my word, they certainly delivered.

For starters we opted for the Mixed Sashimi, Cornish Crab with pink grapefruit, spiced avocado and pistachio, The Salmon and Avocado Poke with rainbow radish sesame and macadamia, and last but by ‘no-means-least’ a Steak Tartare. After shopping in Mayfair it’s evident that it makes one extremely hungry!

When our starters arrived, we paused as it all looked so beautiful and delicately put together, but that notion of complacency shortly ended. One word… ‘scoffed’, within seconds may I add. Everything down to the edible flowers carefully placed on our dishes were gobbled up.

34 Mayfair certainly packed a punch with their plethora starters as we found ourselves peering around other tables to see what mains might entice us. Prime Beef from Argentina, the Japanese Wagyu and Chateaubriand for two hand us salivating at the thought, but as we looked back-and-forth at the menu and the other diners plates we were only able to execute any decision with the welcoming help of our waiter.

We decided to opt for one meat dish – Chateaubriand for two, one Fish dish – The Dover Sole and one other dish that you would never see at other restaurants, The Lobster Macaroni with Black Truffle! The quality ingredients and execution of each of our dishes were second-to-none; perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned and, of course, perfectly placed. They source the very best cuts of beef from breeders around the world for taste, texture and quality, from pure heritage breed in the Yorkshire Dales to A5 Japanese Wagyu, all cooked on their bespoke Argentinian parrilla grill.

Our waiter greeted us with our dover sole and carefully deboned it in front of us – the Chateaubriand was sliced and cooked to perfection, and that lobster macaroni with beautifully cooked lobster and large shaved Black Truffle? Well, I definitely need more of that in my life!

“34 Mayfair certainly packed a punch with their plethora starters as we found ourselves peering around other tables to see what mains might entice us.”

Next round, dessert. My eyes darted straight towards the signature 34 Donuts with three different dipping sauces; chocolate, lemon meringue and raspberry. Not to shy away from our sweet tooth we allowed ourselves The Honeycomb Parfait with raspberries and zabaglione. It truly was one of those ‘if this could be my last meal, I’ve ended with a high note’ moments and we admonish you to truly visit this establishment of perfection at once.

34 Mayfair Restaurant, you’ve stole our hearts and well and truly tantalised out taste buds. Everything from the staff, the actual execution of the team, the quality of not just the food itself, but the whole entity was an utter dream and we will certainly be returning. Our final words of advice? Escape the hecticness of your world and relax in amongst 34’s world of indulgence and embrace it, because you (and your hunger pangs) deserve it.

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This summer, sexy fish have launched a unique and indulgent new afternoon tea menu. Chef director, Bjoern Weissgerber, has created the all-new offering for London; infusing this classic British meal with unexpected twists and seasonal Japanese ingredients.


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