Dress to IMPRESS

The Lebanese designer Saiid Kobeisy showcases an avantgarde autumn and winter collection with eye-catching pieces.

Saiid Kobeisy launched his Beirut atelier in 2002 and became synonymous with transformational evening wear in a unique form. Always mindful of trends yet never completely surrendering to them, the designer has successfully built his own creative path. Iconic femininity is the brand’s signature and emotional differentiator.

The ready-to-wear autumn and winter collection is bold and eye-catching, with a seamless transition between laid-back formal wear and the grandeur of evening gowns. The brand also defies the use of denim in elaborate garments made from the textile. The flow of the collection shifts not only in terms of material but also in colour, enveloping the essence of the season’s palette – navy blue, violet, emerald green and jet black, inserting a sense of decadence into the capsule.

Tailored pieces playing with intense shades and gradience include the signature Mikado Sage Green Gradient mini cropped jacket with straight fitted sleeves and a peaked lapel paired with flared pants and seamed pockets on the side. Taffeta, a luxuriously crisp and shiny fabric, is a recurrent textile incorporated in various ways. It includes a draped off-shoulder dress, an asymmetric skirt and a long dress with bell sleeves and extended cuffs. Items that perfectly balance volume and fitted elements.

Artistic prints that look like watercolour paintings are teamed with colourful beads and sequins to form abstract patterns – a feminine yet contemporary approach to creating unique pieces.


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