Tinted LIPS

Are you looking for a new lipstick? Giorgio Armani have introduced LIP POWER MATTE, an intense addition to the LIP POWER collection.

Giorgio Armani’s new LIP POWER MATTE balances powder and oils for an intense colour. It has the same drop-shaped, bullet signature as the LIP POWER range and comes with a concentration of powder-based ingredients for a smooth, uniform look and muted tones.

Available in 17 shades and with a new case, it has a formula that maintains the long wear and vivid hue for up to 10 hours. Alongside the matte effect, the formula’s oils bring comfort and a moisturising sensation. These lightweight emollients then evaporate to lock the colour onto the lips, achieving the LIP POWER’s distinctive, lasting quality.

Wearing matte lipstick has traditionally meant choosing between colour impact or comfort. Too much powder in a formula leaves a dry and uncomfortable feeling. In contrast, too much oil absorbs the powder, diminishing its intensity. LIP POWER MATTE unveils a new formula that promises no compromise on either comfort or finish. Its 25% powder concentration is said to create the perfect matte lip colour effect, and its oil infusion brings a hydrating feel and smoothness.

Within the lipstick’s emollients are jojoba and sustainably sourced Italian olive oils, which together intend to form a protective film over the lips for 16 hours of comfort. These ingredients leave lips feeling cared for, with none of the drying effects often associated with matte lipsticks.

Regarding the coating pigments, mineral elements lend opacity and seamless coverage, while lacquered colourants deliver impactful hue intensity. The formula has been further enriched with a concentration of light-diffusing gel. This technology creates a soft-focus effect that amplifies the matte qualities and heightens its luminous result.


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