Goodbye Uneven Skin Tone

Restoration is born from science and bees, and Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Clarify & Repair Ritual is where nature’s wisdom harmonises with skincare excellence.

Ageing isn’t solely about wrinkles; it encompasses concerns like age spots and uneven skin tone. The Abeille Royale Clarify & Repair Ritual is a groundbreaking innovation designed by Guerlain to address these widespread concerns. This unique duo, comprising the Double Clarify & Repair Essence and Clarify & Repair Cream, marks a significant milestone in pursuing radiant and youthful-looking skin.

To help in this quest, Guerlain Research’s BeeLab unveils a potent ingredient: Hawaiian white honey. This element, paired with stable vitamin C derivatives, diminishes pigmentary marks. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties combat melanin production and uneven skin tone, while AHA aids in skin peeling and cell renewal. Together, they target melanogenesis pathways for effective pigmentation correction. The range is also powered by the Dynamic Blackbee Repair technology that boosts collagen and skin repair mechanisms.

The ritual of brightening skin begins with the Abeille Royale Double Clarify & Repair Essence – a skincare essential that merges Dynamic Blackbee Repair Technology with a brightness-activating concentrate. This formulation, comprising 93% naturally derived ingredients, offers an ultra-sensorial experience with its white cloud micro-gel texture, leaving skin soft, hydrated and luminous.

Addressing skin’s loss of firmness and age spots, the Abeille Royale Clarify & Repair Cream is believed to restore youthful radiance. It corrects dullness and brightens the complexion; it also promises to refine pores and reduce dark spots over time. With a formula comprising 93% naturally derived ingredients, it blends creaminess with gel freshness, providing comfort and protective envelopment for supple, smooth and plumped-up skin.

Clinical evaluations demonstrated improvements in luminosity, smoothness, pore size, firmness and elasticity over eight weeks of use, revealing a brighter, more youthful complexion.


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