Holistic yet technical, Dessange is undeniably a coveted beauty hotspot in Bahrain, and for good reason! For example, when it comes to overhauling my skincare regime I always find myself sauntering through their doors, especially since their senior therapist Joie can whip your face into shape with her honed massage techniques or take you on a skin journey complete with peels, massages and transformative technology.

Dessange as an oasis forces me to have some ‘me’ time that I wouldn’t allow otherwise on account of my busy lifestyle. With my hectic schedule forever resting on my shoulders I’ve felt that my skin has been in a desperate need of a boost – now, more than ever. As of late I’ve felt that I have become more aware of the products I use as a health and environmentally conscious individual, especially when it comes to enjoying beauty treatments so I was delighted to book in some pampering that ticked all the corporate social responsibility boxes.

As with any facial treatment, the beauty therapist asked me to fill out a consultation form and then continued to discuss the current condition of my skin. I know that I’ve got dull and dehydrated skin so I highlighted that I wanted a treatment which is more calming and moisturising. My therapist recommended that I try their Natural Results Facial which helps revitalise and energise dull-looking skin. More than a short-term solution, this particular treatment works to stimulate your own collagen production for longer-lasting plumpness – and the results are visible. While there’s a facial menu to choose from, there’s no one-size-fits all with Dessange, so you’re guaranteed the best in bespoke every time.

The treatment’s products contain 100% plant-based, food grade ingredients and essential oils which means no chemicals or synthetics. Since they are infused with concentrated botanical essences they have the aroma to heal, and the constitution to nourish, disinfect and clean. Rest assured this facial incorporates the best of detoxifying ingredients using a multitude of skin boosting properties such as honey, yoghurt, aloe vera, zests and seeds. This combination of herbal infusions, elixirs and plant waters nourishes your complexion and leaves you looking and feeling rested.

My first step into the world of nature was when my skin was initially pampered with their homemade honey and coco milk cleanser which cleanses and exfoliates in a non-abrasive manner. This combination of ingredients actually retains moisture to battle signs of dryness, with the added bonus of its antibacterial properties to assist with any battle of blemishes – my recent anxiety induced breakout on my chin was in dire need of such assistance! To further soothe and refresh my skin an aloe vera and lemon toner was then applied before the exfoliator was unleashed to tackle dead skin cells. This combination of coconut oil, lime zest, chia seeds and sugar enhances circulation and cleanses pores whilst gently exfoliating to allow for the ultimate glow-up.

My T-zone succumbed to steaming under the watchful eye of my therapist as my pores opened up ready to extract the build up of clogged pores. I always love this part! The toner was once again applied to sanitize the skin and tighten the pores prior to the face mask. To make my skin supple, some yoghurt with honey was added to my banana face mask which is ideal for my sensitive skin as it is host to a concoction of cooling blend high in amino acids and enzymes. This mask was left for 10 minutes as I enjoyed a delectable scalp massage. Coconut, cucumber and lavender essential oil were mixed together and applied as a moisturiser as the finishing step to this luxuriant treatment which left me with a radiant luminescent glow There is no added water or alcohol, and the 100% active ingredients are absorbed into the skin easily, resulting in a dewy, hydrated complexion. This combined with their massage techniques released the tension on the face and my stresses were definitely alleviated.

“This combination of herbal infusions, elixirs and plant waters nourishes your complexion and leaves you looking and feeling rested.”

Next up on my beauty agenda was a natural hair mask treatment. Dessange have a wide range of natural ingredients to use for your specific hair type so their professionals carry out a full consultation and advise what is best for you and your mane. Each treatment can be customised also so that you and your tresses can rest assured you’re receiving the VIP service that you deserve. Now, it’s important to say that this was one of the most unexpected and down-right brilliant hair treatments that we’ve ever received! Real, pure aloe vera is cut into pieces and used as a cooling rub all over the scalp and deep into the hair follicles. The lovely therapist explained that this treatment is excellent for strengthening your hair at the root and leaving it super smooth. The aloe is then topped up with a mixture of yoghurt, olive oil, coconut oil, and cinnamon. It feels like an enjoyable brain freeze and we can literally sense the concoction working its magic as they massage it into our hair and scalp. As I was suffering with a flare up of dandruff the honey was used to strengthen the hair follicles and work its antiinflammatory properties. Wanting to promote hair growth? Look no further than cinnamon. Yes, it might have you thinking of the festive season, however you’ll be thankful that you can enjoy this wonder all year round as it is a great exfoliant, and its primary benefits are due to the spice’s ability to promote circulation. Stimulated circulation, in turn, promotes hair growth. Wishing your hair could rival Rapunzel? Well, yoghurt complements the former ingredients and controls hair fall by improving scalp health and reducing the clogging of follicles making for optimum scalp health. Once this dream team of ingredients were applied my hair was then wrapped in cling film, followed by a hot towel to amplify the advantageous properties of the ingredients as I sat with the mixture in my hair and enjoyed a coffee.

Just when you’ve become a total convert to all things natural they amplify the experience by teaming up this natural hair treatment with their amazing brand Phytodess at the washing station – kitted with massage chairs – for you to literally lay back and relax. Phytodess sulphate free shampoos and masks are 98% natural and are made from plants – the perfect combo. Once washed off and a beautiful blow dry later, our locks are the most luscious they have been in a very long time. These are the kind of tresses we’d give an arm for – proof that the team at Dessange knows exactly how to execute a treatment well and deliver the desired results.Perfection. These strictly chemical free treatments honour all your senses with real ingredients, just like the food we eat. Nothing is processed, and since my senses are awoken with the heavenly smell of each of the products you cannot help but fall into a pamper induced state-of-mind. These nutrients are jam-packed with a wide array of vitamins, and nourishing botanical acids to brighten, and smooth the skin whilst also delivering an intensifying and hydrating hair treatment. So, get Ramadan ready and enjoy the natural things in life!

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