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Friday’s have well and truly had their brunch game upped with The Weekend Brunch Extravaganza at the ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands. Ohlala digs in and reveals all…

Choices, choices, choices….there couldn’t be a more apt name for this restaurant on account of well, the ‘choices’ on offer. As we approached the ART Rotana Hotel, the web-like exterior of woven steel is breathtaking and makes a bold statement for your experience here. Whether a staying guest, a casual diner or visitor to the Friday Brunch, as I was, you cannot fail to stand for a moment in awe as modern art meets engineering at its best. The hotel boasts impressive views of the Arabian Gulf combined with state-of-the-art facilities and a veritable louvre of design pieces throughout. Had I not been eager to sample the buffet I could have idled away the afternoon meandering through the various lounges and public spaces.

Choices Restaurant plays host to The Weekend Brunch Extravaganza where those with a voracious appetite and love of multiplicity will find great satisfaction. The setting is contemporary and modish with dashing grey and black furniture punctuated with explosions of citrus greens and oranges which are refreshing and vivid. The views afforded by the floor- to-ceiling windows and the option of outdoor dining makes it the perfect brunch base. Throughout the year there is also a rotation of themed brunches to keep things interesting and fresh, no matter the occasion.

The vast selection of soups, handcrafted baked goods and crisp salads cater for those wishing for something lighter, healthier or simply something to whet their appetite.

The meditteranean prowess showcased throughout is evident at their dedicated Crostini station that we devoured as our starting appetiser, consisting of small slices of a vast selection of toasted bread and toppings. It wasn’t long until I followed the familiar aroma of masala spices to the corner dedicated to all things Asian. It boasted pots of creamy curries and delicately spiced meats and fish. The restaurant boasts a ‘children’s zone’ where younger diners can work up an appetite and expand their minds before being tempted to try the freshly baked pizzas and global delicacies.

“Choices Restaurant plays host to The Weekend Brunch Extravaganza where those with a voracious appetite and love of multiplicity will find great satisfaction.”

The carnivorous carnival of meat drawing you towards the roast station is without a doubt the most spectacular centerpiece. My amiable host explained that the chefs are happy to prepare many cuts to your own exacting standards before serving you at your table. In addition to this there are a variety of freshly prepared, sumptuous roasts loaded onto white platters for you to devour at your leisure over at the Art Special section. Beef Brisket, Lamb Leg, Salmon, Turkey and Duck can all be found here ready for you to salivate over. The fresh fish and crustacea is plentiful and can also be grilled to order. Not to be missed is their Fish and Chips station, although you can opt to attend their Shrimp and Chips station for an alternate bounty from the sea, if you so wish. The fact they are presented in nifty cones brings us nostalgic memories from our seaside visits in the UK showcases itself as an added bonus. Iced platters of crab, black mussels,calamari, sushi and other seafood delights can be found close by. Art Rotana replenish their stations regularly, so you can be sure that you receive only the freshest of cuisine.

The plethora of styles of cuisine is also extended to the choice of desserts, mocktails and fruity artisanal elixirs served to complement every dish. The brunch experience at ART Rotana is as much a feast for the eyes as it is the appetite. No limits apply at Choices whether it be the age or the range of clientele or the vast array of absolute exquisite fare. For any future brunching plans always keep Art Rotana at the forefront of your mind to deliver an elevated gastronomy experience like no other.

For reservations and more information, please call 1600 0111

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