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A variation of the iconic Move collection, Lucky Move is inspired by lucky charm medallions and, for the first time in Messika’s history, this new collection is the first of its kind to not use purely diamonds. Instead, the collection is adorned with coloured stones.


Messika has chosen to give pride of place to semi-precious and organic stones throughout this collection. The talisman now comes in nine different colour variations including, onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite, pink, white, grey mother-ofpear, turquoise, carnelian and ziricote.

This bold move was a creative challenge for Valérie Messika, the daughter of a diamond dealer, who has always stayed true to her gem of choice. ‘I have replaced the gold with an ornamental stone, but it is not faceted like a diamond. It’s a first, but for this decidedly playful collection designed to bring good luck, adding colour seemed like an obvious choice,’ she says, ‘each shade is based on my favourite colours and the energy they give off.’

Valerie leaned towards rougher and marbled stones, sometimes with unique markings and irregularities, as opposed to her usual choice of pristine diamonds. ‘I immersed myself in the history and story behind these coloured stones, and I found myself fascinated by each of their imperfections which made them more special to me’ tells the Artistic Director of the House who chose to step out of her comfort zone in true Messika fashion.

Unconventional and radiant, the Lucky Move colour collection emphasises the unique spirit and character of each stone through their different veins and gradients. The gems give a more casual and delicate aspect to the Lucky Move range, allowing the pieces to be worn as a more dayto-day style. The opulence of the original Lucky Move collection still remains as each piece is set with brilliant diamonds which contrast the gold materials.

As Valerie Messika often states, ‘It is women who instill their own style into jewellery, not the other way round. As a result, they claim the energy of the stones for themselves.’

9 COLOURS – BeYourself
Messika has always sought to enhance the natural personality of women. Lucky Move colour allows this personality to shine through each different gem representing a different characteristic or charm. Exhibiting the signature Messika Move design, each gem is surrounded by gold and a trio of moving diamonds.

The concept goes so far as to decode a message, according to one’s favorite colour, like ‘Tell me which colour attracts you the most and I will tell you who you are…’

Starped in gold with a trio of mobile diamonds at its heart, the House’s signature, each gem asserts its character and shows its true colour.

By showcasing her latest colourful collection, Valérie Messika continues to make her own way and assert herself as a free spirit of contemporary jewellery. After all, didn’t Coco Chanel say ‘The best colour in the world is the one that suits you’.

Stylish, sensual and shrouded in mystery, the Lucky Move colour necklaces can be worn alone or combined with other pieces and their unique design allows the medallion to rotate freely on its axis. All medallions can also be personalised and engraved. Borrowing both edgy and poetic accents, Lucky Move breaks the rules.

“For this decidedly playful collection designed to bring good luck, adding colour seemed like an obvious choice.” – Valérie Messika, Founder & Creative Director of Messika

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