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OHLALA’s editor Fernanda Langhammer embraced another blissful day at this haven of beauty and relaxation called Dessange.

Do you know that comforting feeling of going to a place ‘where everybody knows your name’? That’s how I felt when I stepped into Dessange for another beautification experience. It was nice to see that the place was bustling with ladies happy to have their looks improved and back to their routines in the health club. Of course, all under strict safety checks by the friendly and patient staff at the reception.

Joie, the lovely spa manager, was waiting for me and ready to share all about the treatment I was about to experience. Dessange is always up to date with the latest innovations in the beauty and health areas, and I knew I would try something exciting once again. I couldn’t be more curious when Joie introduced me to my therapist, Chenda, and she handed me a full-body suit called endermowear (a personal and opaque item of clothing specifically to be used in the lipomassage). She then asked me to put it on and prepare for my LPG (an endermology lipomassage) session. As I knew I was going to have a massage that would transform my body, I gave it a good check in the changing room’s full-length mirror before putting the suit on.

In the spa, Chenda gave me a form that needed to be filled with personal information and a specific request about the areas I would like to concentrate the massage on. For me, the critical parts are the most common ones, the whole hip region and stomach. The LPG is a 100% non-invasive mechanical massage that stimulates the natural breaking down of fats. It helps you get rid of cellulite, tone and smooth the skin, promotes slimming, firming and skin tightening while increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

The balance between the production and elimination of fat is a natural process involving slimming cells (adipocytes). Despite ideal personal health practices and regular physical activity, the process of storing fat tends to increase over time. This results in the appearance of excess fat and cellulite. This patented slimming technique reactivates the fat release process (lipolysis) to erase localised fat and imperfections. LPG’s mechanical stimulation triggers deep biological responses such as reactivation of fat release, collagen and elastin production.

After learning about this incredible treatment, it was time to lie down on the spa bed and enjoy 35 minutes of intense massage. The session is done with the help of the LPG equipment that seems to suck your skin and is applied by the trained and certified hands of Chenda. The machine has different programmes that are chosen according to your consultation and problematic areas. I can’t say it is a relaxing massage. Still, after you get used to the suction and the therapist’s movements, it becomes pretty enjoyable — mainly when you can use your imagination and picture your fat being sucked away.

You will really achieve the best results after six to eight sessions, but I can honestly say that after one, I removed my suit and gave that check in the mirror again, and my skin seemed tighter and smoother. I know I had only a glimpse of the treatment and that it gets better and better in each session. However, I was happy to realise that it is possible to achieve a better version of my body with the proper massage, allied to a healthy lifestyle that includes good food and regular exercise.

After this body improvement session, it was time to move to the bright and comforting area of the beauty salon where Amy, one of Dessange’s senior nail specialists, was waiting for me. Hand sanitisers and the constant habit of washing my hands have destroyed my nails and cuticles, and they were screaming for help.

Amy is not only an expert in transforming your nails, but she is also a nail art connoisseur, and that’s what I was going to get, total care and uniquely styled nails! For a long time, probably since the early 2000s, I have been filing my nails in a square shape, never changed — until now. Amy gave my hands a complete makeover. She made my nails round in a pointy shape (the ones we see on Instagram and dream about) and treated my hands with a paraffin glove. The paraffin hand treatment consists of a disposable glove with warm melted paraffin where you insert your hands in and leave for about 15 minutes, the necessary time to harden.

It helps to make skin supple and soft, adding moisture even after its removal. It also eliminates dead skin cells and has an anti-ageing affect. Everything my exposed and badly treated hands needed. They also offer the same paraffin treatment during a pedicure. Can you imagine this warm and hugging feeling on your feet? Definitely coming back for this, adding to my wish list right now! After experiencing this deep moisturising treatment, it was time to apply some SolarOil (a natural blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E) highly recommended by Amy. My nails were now ready to be painted in a summery design.

The colours were luminescent yellow, white and pink, taking the shape of ladybugs, butterflies and checks; the result was harmonious art – each fingernail with its unique motif. I was ready to put on my best swimsuit and show off my improved curves and colourful nails. And that’s how another day ended in beauty heaven for the editor here, a very well-enjoyed one that I hope you also get to experience. Get your body, hair, nails and spirit (because the treatments go beyond physical appearance) transformed at Dessange.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 1771 3999.

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