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If you’ve lived in the Kingdom long enough, you know that no matter how many new five-star hotels enter the hospitality scene, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain will always preserve that unique aureole associated to its renowned name. OHLALA’s Layal El-Mahmoud re-discovers the luxury sensation at its spa.

You do not need to worry about passing through the main lobby as The Ritz-Carlton Spa entrance is located at a strategic proximity to the parking. We choose to use the Royal Beach Club entrance and after a quick security screening you are at the reception of this luxurious club. The friendly staff will swiftly check for your appointment information before they show you the way.

We walk past the grand indoor swimming pool on one side and a squash court on the other, and we feel the vibes of luxury living in the air. The glass doors at the end of the hallway open onto a beautiful and peaceful lobby. A very warm welcome comes from the spa manager who introduces our therapists who were already standing by the reception waiting for our arrival… this is luxury service indeed!

The two lady masseuses greet us with large smiles, usher us to the comfortable sofa and take the responsibility of filling the spa form for us. We answer a few questions and excitedly sign our names. Let the pleasure begin. We follow our lovely therapists on a short walk and up a snug staircase to the VIP Suite. The room is spacious, accommodating a couples’ massage bed. Behind a wooden door, we enter a hidden changing area equipped with a shower, a lavatory, and a closet.

We strip out of our clothes that feel somehow heavy with weeks of life loads. We put on the disposable underwear and luxury white robes and rush out, super ready, for a healthy dose of relaxation.

The ladies lift the towels off the beds and invite us to lie face down. We gladly abide. To my surprise, I find myself lying on a warm surface! OMG…I love this! I do not like to feel cold.

While looking down at a rustic copper bowl filled with floating rose petals, we inhale the aromas of the two massage oils on offer to choose from. The smell is inviting, and the spa music will kick off the ‘time to unwind’ mood. With concentration on the back, as requested, the skilled fingers, hands, and sometimes elbows, work their magic on our bodies one part after the other for a full hour.

Time chooses to pass quickly when you don’t want it to! At The Ritz-Carlton Spa, you will experience the finer things in life. We, at OHLALA, will tell you to ‘Go for it!’ and treat yourself or your loved ones. Go with your partner, or with your best friend. To celebrate a special occasion or to unwind and relax after long working hours. Love and appreciate yourself; plan your next spa treatment now.

For reservations or more information, please call 1758 0000.

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