Sun Kissed

Guerlain’s Terracotta collection has been reinvented with two new and exclusive limited-edition powders. Bring on the perfect light!

Sometimes the ideal sunshine-glow effect on the skin is better achieved with the help of the right make-up. Guerlain is introducing these limited-edition powders to play with the sun’s light on the face. Terracotta Light Bloom and Terracotta Sun Bloom capture the fresh glow of daybreak and the soft warmth of the setting sun. Terracotta’s organic-shaped compact reveals two sunny, blooming powder flowers infused with subtle golden shimmers and either a delicate pink or a coral centre. Terracotta Light Bloom captures the energy of the rising sun, promising all the radiance of the daylight. It brings the fresh, dewy pink light of a summer dawn.

Guerlain’s bestselling N°3 shade is enhanced with a delicate pink centre and fine golden accents for a radiant blush finish in this powder. The Terracotta Sun Bloom has taken inspiration from the end of a summer’s day when the sunlight dims and the horizon fills with gold and amber reflections. This compact is also a twist on the brand’s N°3 shade, but, in this option, the centre comes in a coral tint and an array of gold shimmers that reproduces the intensity of a stunning sunset. The compacts can be applied all over the face or in touches to veil the complexion with sunlight. When the shades are mixed, they warm the skin and enhance the natural glow of a tan. If you opt to apply separately, the blush tones highlight cheekbones. Terracotta Light Bloom and Terracotta Sun Bloom create a made-to-measure illuminating effect. Shades and strength can be altered to suit any mood.


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