This rough fabric has moved from a lazy look to a trendy pick, but how can you wear it in a way that it will stand out? We picked these Etro jeans to give you some styling ideas.

  1. Even Valentino has embraced the casual textile and paired it with a white buttoned shirt for a simple yet sophisticated look. You can throw an eye-catching coat on top or pick a colourful scarf to finalise the look.
  1. If you want to keep the look casual, snuggle into this Moschino sweater. These are not only comfy but also funky for a ‘back to childhood’ kind of outfit.
  1. Do you want to impress when wearing your favourite jeans? Pick a fancy top and slip-on these Aquazurra red pumps for the ultimate wow factor.
  1. If you choose to pair your denims with a plain white tee, go for chunky accessories to create an exciting look. Pick some espadrille shoes and this Johanna Ortiz necklace for a cool summer outfit.
  1. Mini dresses are trendy this season, and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them on their own, they can work really well as a top. Pick a pair of trainers or wedges to complement the look. This piece is from Max&Co. spring and summer collection.
  1. If you want to be bold and release the fashionista in you, go for the double denim style, just like Dakota Johnson. Often seen as a faux pas, this style has changed its status by conquering the hearts of many it-girls out there.

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