The health club at Dessange Bahrain offers a workout that is (shockingly) effective, so naturally, we had to try it.

I f you’re the kind of woman who is time-poor but physically inclined, this one’s for you: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a workout that uses electricity to stimulate muscle contraction as you train. It’s 150 times more intense than your average workout and, this being said, only a 20-minute workout that is more effective than four hours in the gym. Shocked? I am about to be.

I arrive at the newly reopened health club at Dessange Bahrain, which is one of the island’s most luxurious health clubs to offer EMS training. Plush interiors aside, it promises everything and more: a gym, personal trainers, class packages, an Inbody Analysis machine, a power plate, private 1-1 Pilates sessions, juice bars, and – the reason I’m here – EMS training.

First, a medical form ensures that I am fit enough to be hooked up to the machine. Then I meet Maya, the trainer, who describes both the machine and the training programme in greater detail. Next, I am put into a training suit and straps are added around my legs, arms, and glutes that are then connected by cables to the EMS machine. Maya tests my comfort levels with increasing levels of electrical pulses, emitting a strong vibrating and tingling feeling. And so begins the 20-minute workout.

I start to perform routine training exercises in 30-second intervals (think: squats, lunges, weight-lifting, sit-ups, core rotations, and other aerobic exercises) while the machine is doing its thing. So how does it feel? Intense. It makes basic moves feel really tough. The electric impulses of EMS training target six muscle groups: arms, chest, abs, back, legs, and butt. Plus, the impulses and their intensity can be adjusted to pinpoint specific muscles, according to your goals. And when it comes to goals, EMS training helps with all of them: weight loss, body toning, cardio, and strength. I can tell that EMS is quite effective by the way it feels; all my muscles certainly ache, but in a good way. Maya watches me closely and guides me throughout the session.

“And when it comes to goals, EMS training helps with all of them: weight loss, body toning, cardio, and strength.”


After 20 minutes of turning up my training with EMS, I can vouch for the following: this was undoubtedly the hardest workout I’ve ever endured, but also the most enjoyable! It’s perfect for anyone who does not have much time for a long workout; 20 minutes is all it takes before you can hop in your car and return home feeling great. You can even squeeze in a session during your lunch hour. Because why not?

What I really enjoyed about Dessange’s health club is the personal touch that the staff add to the whole experience. They’re friendly, extremely knowledgeable about their industry, and genuinely care about their customers. Whether you want to complement your existing training programme or replace it entirely when you’re short on time, giving EMS a try comes highly recommended. Can you say fabulous quick fix?

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 1771 3999. @dessangebahrain

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