Radiant Femininity

Presented in a petal pink bottle and reflecting floral notes, NARCISO eau de parfum cristal is a tribute to a woman’s radiant personality, natural beauty and sensuality.

Narciso Rodriguez introduces NARCISO eau de parfum cristal, the luminous and addictive new fragrance in the iconic NARCISO collection. The scent is a tribute to radiant femininity, reflecting the inner light of the NARCISO woman, just as the facets of a crystal radiate light to reveal its natural beauty.

Having radiant top notes, a pure and delicate heart and sensual drydown, the aroma awakens with bergamot, which illuminates a lush bouquet of upcycled rose and white floral accords. The fragrance gradually unfurls to a voluptuous drydown with the iconic heart of musk, the unmistakable signature of NARCISO fragrances. The musk is enhanced with elegant woody and amber facets of sensuous cedarwood and cashmeran, giving the perfume a mysterious, diffusive trail.

A Natural Vision

A sublime alchemy of lightness and depth, NARCISO eau de parfum cristal introduces a new standard of naturality, with more than 85% of its ingredients sourced naturally. In her first collaboration with Narciso Rodriguez, perfumer Natalie Gracia-Cetto brings her expertise in working with natural ingredients, as well as her vision for a more sustainable approach to perfumery. Natalie chose a bergamot ethically-sourced from Italy, and a rose note sourced using a new upcycling process of distillation, which recovers olfactive components from distillation water to create a floral note that evokes the smell of the fresh rose.

Sheer and Luminous

Immaculately packaged, the iconic NARCISO bottle is made with transparent glass tinted a delicate pink, revealing the clear scent within. Sharing the signature silhouette of the NARCISO collection, an ethereal glow emanates from within the translucent glass cube, its graphic lines reflecting light like the facets of a natural crystal and it’s finished with a contrasting matte pink cap. The NARCISO fragrance collection celebrates the art of seduction, each scent defined by the enveloping heart of musk and iconic woody signature yet transformed through unique variations in their compositions. Like its predecessors, NARCISO eau de parfum cristal explores your most intimate self.


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