An Enduring TRAIL

Prada Paradoxe captures the essence of the undefinable and ever-evolving Prada woman in all her forms – a fresh perspective on the enigma of femininity.

The new fragrance by Prada showcases a timeless white flower bouquet reinvented into an avant-garde signature. Encapsulated in an iconic triangular bottle inspired by the original Prada logo, it is characterised by dominating notes of neroli and jasmine and the olfactory signature of Ambrofix (amber accord) and Serenolide (white musk accord). The perfume creates an intimate and enduring trail led by a vibrant warmth.

Prada’s innovative technology extracts the scent of the neroli bud before it opens. The fragrance offers a new take on freshness, capturing this brief dimension of the flower. Ambrofix, typically used in masculine scents, delivers a powerful, stable and authentic woody note, while Serenolide lends an elegant muskiness.

In a shift from traditional perfume bottle architecture, the flacon is minimal and luxurious, designed to rest on its side. The luminous, radical structure of the bottle encapsulates the Prada codes of sophistication and avant-garde with a touch of eccentricity. The signature triangle shape is contrasted by rounded angles, while the accents of the intense black logo are presented on a delicate coral pink hue. The eau de parfum is available in 30ml, 50ml, 90ml and 100ml bottles.

A signature feminine fragrance, Paradoxe explores the symbiosis of contradiction deep within the brand: craftsmanship and technology, tradition and modernity, challenge and refinement, rigour and fantasy. It’s a celebration of multi-dimensional selfexploration and expression in perpetual evolution: a woman who is never the same, yet always uncompromisingly herself.


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