An Evocative Escape

Giorgio Armani has introduced a new scent to its wide selection of high-end fragrances, the SANTAL DAN SHA.

Giorgio Armani has captured the essence of Armani/ Privé Haute Couture collections for more than 15 years and translated them into bold perfumes. The Armani/Privé Haute Couture Fragrances encompass four collections of refined scents: Les Eaux, La Collection, Les Terres Précieuses and Les Mille et Une Nuits. As the latest addition to the Les Eaux line, Armani/Privé created SANTAL DĀN SHĀ.

This sensual yet sparkling bouquet evokes the serenity of the Chinese imperial palaces and their contemplative and regal gardens. The fragrance invokes a refreshing yet gentle summertime breeze at dusk, inspired by aromatic trees, vegetation and the freshness of their lakes. Sandalwood notes highlight this mood of tranquillity, conjuring a sense of immersion in nature. Its rich red hue echoes the imperial palace’s magnificent façades.

SANTAL DĀN SHĀ is a woody yet refreshing scent. It blends sandalwood’s balmy and provocative spirit with the freshness of bergamot and the aromatic spices of cardamom. The sandalwood is from New Caledonia island and is extracted via a water vapour distillation to create its creamy, sensual effect. The cardamom is from Guatemala and is obtained via steam distillation and CO2 fractionation, resulting in a pure extract with radiant, aromatic and peppery facets. And the premium bergamot is from Italy and is crafted to create a distinctive note with a fresh, juicy, sparkling character.

SANTAL DĀN SHĀ is presented in the iconic and distinctive Armani/Privé Les Eaux square bottle and topped by a shiny black lacquered cap. Its intense ochre juice is displayed through the transparent glass bottle and recalls the colour of its main ingredient: sandalwood.


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