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In October, the girly colour represents more than just a pretty hue. Pink stands for a bigger cause during Breast Cancer Awareness month. OHLALA’s editor pays a visit to Dessange to try the Pink Indulgence Package, created to emphasise the importance of self-care.

It’s that time of the year again when pink becomes the colour of the month. At Dessange, awareness is taken seriously, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked through a series of treatments that embrace pink.

The idea is to highlight the importance of a self-examination routine and having your health checked regularly. When relaxing, we tend to be more attentive to our surroundings, and this beauty destination will ensure that you take care of yourself. I headed to Dessange to relish the themed Pink Indulgence Package. The beauty bundle is composed of the Radiance Pink Enhancing Facial at the spa and Genesis Hair Treatment at the salon while invigorating my body with the delicious Pretty in Pink, the juice of the month.

The healthy drink is made with apple, watermelon, strawberry and orange, a great antioxidant elixir rich in fibre that lowers inflammation and oxidative stress – also an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. At the reception, the friendly ladies make sure your temperature is taken, your green shield is shown and a form with Covid-19 related questions is filled – all to keep the beauty haven a safe environment.

I got my locker key and went to the dressing area to change into their fluffy robe (I love those bathrobes so much). My first pampering session was at the calming and welcoming spa.

Yanie, my therapist, led the way to my treatment room and explained that the Radiance Pink Enhancing Facial includes a gentle exfoliation and a peel-off mask with fruit extract that hydrates, brightens and restores the skin’s natural and healthy, velvety texture. The therapy is a manual facial, and she started with the cleansing process.

Knowing that I was going for a facial, I skipped my make-up routine; even though I don’t wear layers of products, it was strange to step out of the house without anything, just my sunscreen. Exfoliation was the next step, followed by steam and blackhead extraction. A process that, in my opinion, we should go through more often. It’s not the most relaxing experience, but the feeling that all the yuckiness of your skin is being removed is such a good one. She then applied the serum with synchronised movements that helped the product penetrate deeply into the complexion.

The massage also relaxes the facial muscles and creates a lifting effect. The Radiance peel-off mask, rich in fruit acids, was applied and gave me a refreshing sensation. The mask’s benefits are the removal of dead cells, delay in the appearance of fine lines, and reduction of sebum excess while eliminating the annoying T-zone shine. And the best surprise you get while waiting for the mask to dry? A scalp, shoulders, arms and hands massage – what an unexpected treat! Yanie removed the beautifully pink-tinted mask and proceeded to finalise the treatment with another layer of serum and eye cream. Time is a funny thing; sometimes, five minutes takes forever, while hours can feel like five minutes. I can say that the time I spent with Yanie was the fastest hour of my life.

To my joy, my beauty journey at Dessange was not finished. I moved from the spa to the salon area where Joanne, the hair specialist, and my Pretty in Pink juice waited. The Genesis Hair Treatment from Kérastase (which is packaged in pink containers) is a range of products that treats both kinds of hair fall, the one that occurs at the root and the one from fibre breakage. A collection of 10 products is supercharged with a potent complex that includes Aminexil, edelweiss native cells and ginger roots.

My hair was indeed begging for help. I am a highlights enthusiast, but they leave my tresses prone to breakage, so I was excited to have this boost of goodness improving my mane’s texture. At the washing station, Joanne wetted my hair and applied the detox powder mixed with the line’s special shampoo on my scalp. After rinsing it, she used a serum for the scalp and a mix of ampoules to treat the ends. The products are left in the hair for 10 minutes and, while we waited, Joanne spoiled me with a scalp massage – a taste of heaven, anyone? Back in my salon chair, Joanne applied the Defense Thermique product for my ends before Priyanka could blow dry my locks and work her magic on styling them.

My hair was incredibly soft; even Priyanka was impressed with how well my tresses embraced the treatment. I left Dessange that day feeling light as a feather. My face was renewed, my hair was silky and bouncy, with an incredible smell. Once again, I felt I’d been treated like a royal at Dessange and left with the mission of getting my feminine health checked.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call Dessange at 1771 3999.

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