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Sometimes all you need is to connect with your little one in a relaxing environment to recharge your energies. And that’s what OHLALA’s Fernanda Langhammer and her daughter experienced at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.

Busy days and long lists of things to do are part of everyone’s life. And if you are a working mum like me, it is easy to carry on with routine and forget to enjoy the little joys in life.

But we are all lucky from time to time, and I got to hit pause and went for the Relaxed Us customised massage for mother and daughter (also available for father and son) at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. The best ‘to-do’ on my list in a very long time!

When you have more than one child (I have two, and they are a boy and a girl with a significant age gap), you tend to do things with both and not give specific attention to them individually. After my bonding experience at Four Seasons, I decided this is something I need to change and make sure that I go on different activities separately with each of them from time to time. I noticed how positive this experience was to my daughter and how important these things are in parent-child relationships – thank you, Four Seasons!

My daughter and I arrived at The Spa, and Ahmed, the spa receptionist, couldn’t have been more welcoming. He gave us bottles of water infused with vitamin B6, B12, niacin, biotin and magnesium with violet and mango flavour. The refreshing drink has zero sugar and works as an energising elixir, perfect for fighting the constant thirst in hot weather. We both received touchscreen tablets to fill in with personal information and preferences regarding the type of pressure we wished to have and even the music we wanted to listen to while having our treatments. Such a personalised touch left us amazed at how much they care about everyone’s individuality After filling the form, Myo Myo took the lead and showed us all the spa facilities, which include a Jacuzzi, sauna and, the one that caught our attention, the Salt Inhalation Room.

The pinkish room has a giant Himalayan crystal sitting in the centre of the relaxation room for a halotherapy session to improve the respiratory system. The indoor pool is also part of this impressive space, and we did go back to it after our pampering session. It was time to disconnect from the world outside and lie down on the massage beds, each of us accompanied by our skilled masseuses, Yukon and Rattaya. The Relaxed Us is a 45-minute, full-body customised therapy that uses relaxing massage techniques such as long stroking, gentle palm pressure and skin rolling. The experience is combined with a unique blend of aromatic oils, which helps calm and loosen up the muscles and soothe the mind. For me, massages are the best way to turn off all the worries and stress of everyday life and deeply connect with myself – a journey into our minds while releasing all the body tensions. I asked for moderate pressure, which Yukon applied wisely over my entire body, from head to toes, without missing any vital part. The attention to my shoulders and neck was bliss. Lots of writing on my computer and being almost attached to my phone have caused some damage to the area – love and attention were all it needed.

It was my daughter’s first massage experience, and I was curious to know what she had to say; and these are her words: “It was my first time receiving a massage, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

However, it was amazing! I was able to relax and felt the tension leave my muscles. The atmosphere was also very tranquil, with dim lighting and my choice of calm background music. As well as excellent and kind staff, this is an experience I recommend to others who wish to forget their worries or spend too much time sitting down (like me and my long hours at school).

I had a wonderful time, and I would most definitely do it again!” After this invigorating experience, we had comforting lemongrass and honey tea before heading to the indoor pool for a splash. Thanks to the entire team at The Spa, I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with my daughter. I learned so much about what is currently happening in her life at school, and she was also thrilled to have her mum just for herself.

A mother and daughter experience that we will cherish forever. And because we were already at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, we decided to sit at the Bay View to enjoy the beautiful view for some extra time together, chit-chatting and savouring our coffee and bites. An experience I genuinely suggest to all mums out there looking to spend some time with their children. The treatment at The Spa is available for a parent and child from six to 15 years old and you can also opt for the Beautiful Us, a relaxing facial massage, or Glowing Us, a gentle full-body massage and exfoliation treatment.

For more information and to make a reservation, please call The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay on 1711 5045.

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