Midsummer Dream

Carefree memories are yours to create as sun-drenched days fade into starlit nights with Bath & Body Works’ new fragrance.

Summer days and nights are the ones where we build unforgettable memories and take them with us for the rest of the year and, most of the time, for life. These memories stay with us even longer when combined with an aroma.

The smells go straight to the brain’s smell centre, where the olfactory bulb is connected with the amygdala and hippocampus, which explains why the scent of something can immediately trigger a detailed memory or emotion. Bath & Body Works, one of the world’s leading speciality retailers of fashion fragrances for your body and your home, has a selection of memorable scents.

Midsummer Dream is their latest creation composed of a dreamy blend of salted pear, fresh nectarine and seaside lily. This transportive, fruity fragrance was made to go with you on strolls along the beach, evenings by the fire pit and every adventure in between. The eau de parfum comes in two sizes, full and mini, with a higher concentration of fragrance oils for a longer-lasting scent.

However, if you want just a splash or to lightly spritz, the Fine Fragrance Mist is your best pick. The Super Smooth Body Lotion provides 24 hours of nourishing moisture. Infused with shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, it absorbs quickly into the skin. While the Ultimate Hydration Body Cream, made with shea butter, now comes with hyaluronic acid for a richer texture that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and replenished. The Shower Gel combines nourishing vitamin E and aloe to create a rich, bubbly lather in the cleansing department.

Gentle and non-drying, it is the perfect daily cleanser to leave skin feeling fresh and clean. The Moisturizing Body Wash is infused with shea and cocoa butter, and coconut oil for a deeper moistening effect. To complete the collection, a Sea Salt Hair Mist is the perfect touch for your tresses. Made with coconut water and sea salt, it leaves your mane soft and with an incredible texture. All products are dermatologist-tested. Embrace your summer days with a fragrance especially made for them.


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