With her fierce passion in the fine art of jewellery and a keen eye for precious stones. Ohlala discovers how SWAYTA SHA has made a remarkable presence in the glittering arena of Bahrain.

Young entrepreneur Swayta Sha, a true embodiment of the woman of today – bold, beautiful and ambitious. With a fire that was kindled in her from the very start, she has powered through life armed with diamonds and gold.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I come from quite the pedigree of artisans when it comes to the jewellery industry. Right from my early days I grew up looking at gems, jewels and gold. I come from a family of jewellers, my great grandfather was a jeweller to the Nizam of Hyderabad, back in 1890 and his jewellery sold across the globe. I arrived to this beautiful island fifteen years ago with my husband and thereafter I had two lovely children. My brand today is a true embodiment of the women of today – bold, beautiful and dynamic. It’s in my family’s DNA that created the finest pieces for Indian royalty for several decades. Today I am proud to have my collection of jewellery being showcased at one of the most prestigious stores in the world, Saks Fifth Avenue, City Centre Bahrain.
This whole vision was nothing short of exhilarating and adventurous alongside a strong conviction that I would continue my family’s heritage to provide the best value and design to my clientele.

What inspired you to launch Swayta Sha?

My father inspired and embedded into me the love, culture and the making of this fine art. My family has been present in the fine art of jewellery for quite a long time, surpassing over a century now. My love and endearing passion for this fine art at a very young age grew through watching my family work in their own jewellery store. When I arrived in Bahrain an artistic calling awakened me and my passion for jewellery making was rekindled from my youth. And today, that is what has inspired me to launch my own jewellery brand, Swayta Sha.

Tell us about Swayta Sha and its DNA branding

I firmly believe that every single woman should be able to look at herself in the mirror and be appreciative of what she sees and who she has become. My pieces when they are designed, I see a woman who has transparency of thought, clarity and structure and the aesthetics of my pieces depict strength of character and womanhood. It is a lineage of love and beauty combined.

“When I arrived in Bahrain an artistic calling awakened me and my passion for jewellery making was rekindled from my youth.”

You have a keen eye for precious stones, what is your favourite piece of jewellery from your collection? Why?

My love for precious stones is so vast that I cannot possibly narrow it down to one stone, however one of my favourites would definitely have to be the Dancing Diamonds collection which, in my opinion, is very unique and sparkling.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Starting my brand in Bahrain has been an exhilarating experience full of upsand-downs. There were numerous challenges that I faced, some of which I still face today but I choose not to fixate on these difficulties. I feel that all challenges begin within oneself and how one perceives them, but I derive my strength from my supportive family and great friends in Bahrain to overcome said challenges. Special thanks to my two dear friends Tosin and Saby who have always been extremely supportive and encouraging on the Swayta Sha brand journey. My biggest challenge to date would also have to include interpreting current trends and keeping up with the latest and ever changing preferences of jewellery.

Swayta Sha collections are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, City Centre Bahrain.

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