The wedding season is open – it’s time to dive into the world of stunning dresses and white accessories.

The weather is getting cooler, and we can already hear the tintinnabulation of the bells. The wedding day is mostly dedicated to the star of the show: the bride! To celebrate the dame of the day, we bring the latest trends in wedding dresses and shoes.

Choosing the right gown for yourself (or helping someone pick theirs) is an important task. They will be immortalised in pictures and everyone’s memories. Here are some tips that can guide you in selecting the perfect number:

  • Shop early but not too early. This tactic will give you time to explore all possibilities.
  • Stick to your/the bride’s personality. If you like low-key styles, look for dresses that have this characteristic. However, opt for an elaborate dress if you have a bubbly nature. You can also see this event as your red carpet-moment. If so, go big with no regrets!
  • Consider the location of your celebration. For events in hotels and closed spaces, pick a dress with a train and embellishments – they need to be as grand as your reception. If you have a garden celebration, A-line or mermaid silhouettes with lace details would be spot on. For a beach wedding, consider the wind and heat, so go for a flowy and light gown. A tulle skirt will look amazing on a sunny day.
  • If you are not getting ready at the venue, opt for a fabric that travels well and won’t end up all wrinkly.
  • Choose the height of your heels before selecting your dress.
  • Practice sitting, walking and dancing in your dress. If you don’t plan to wear something different during the party, go for something comfortable.
  • Look for details that will highlight your best assets but also something that will look good in photos – these are the things that will guard the memories of this special day. Posing with your dress is a clever way to see how it will look in the photos and unlock the best angles.

In the following pages, you will find inspirational gowns!


Ball gowns are the preferred style for extra drama and fairytale weddings. However, when thinking of volume, it doesn’t have to be applied only to skirts. Puffy sleeves, layers and frill details create an eye-catching effect that will make your dress memorable with the desired awe-inspiring impact.


Wedding dresses using lace as the main material are a timeless choice. Brides can opt for a full lace dress for an extra feminine touch or apply the textile to strategic places for an adorning effect. Remember that lace and beads work well together if you want extra glamour.


Dresses made with layers of tulle are graceful and sophisticated. The delicate fabric creates a soft, dreamy effect that complements various dress silhouettes. When thinking of tulle, voluminous gowns must come to mind, but not necessarily. A simple neutral base can be the background for this sheer textile – when folded in intricate ways, it can create an intriguing effect.


They say this type of dress is not for everyone but for those who want to really accentuate their curves. This season, they are super trendy, with many well-known names in the bridal world offering designs that emphasise the ‘mermaid tail’ look.


Not very fond of common, regular designs? Go for something completely different, such as a white suit, a coloured piece, unexpected details or a fantastic headpiece.


It’s easy to impress when the dress is over the top – volume, frills and lace contribute to a jawdropping reaction. However, many women prefer to go with the less is more motto. A plain, satin fabric will deliver this effect. But that does not mean you can’t invest in an exciting silhouette with an eye-catching detail or smart cut.


Lengths of fabric at the back of a dress add a grand effect to any gown – they can be super long or just a bit below the hem at the back. If you are going for this magnificent add-on, opt for one that can be clicked on at the waist; this way, you can remove it while dancing and wear it for dramatic photos.


Some brides don’t get their footwear until the last minute but, as stated previously, it would be ideal to pick your shoes before deciding on the dress. If you are used to high heels, they will probably work for you, but choosing a comfortable heel will definitely make your day/night more pleasant. There are many creative designs out there to compensate for a lack of height!

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