A New Luxury Footwear Brand Emerges from the Region as CARAT combines Italian craftsmanship with Kuwaiti flair

CARAT, a luxury footwear brand designed in Kuwait and hand made in Italy, launched at the end of 2019. Created by Kuwaiti designer Fatmah Hussain, Carat is poised to be the new IT brand all the fashionable girls will be strutting in. The shoes are handcrafted in Italy under the best manufacturer and finished off with a signature synthetic ruby engraved on each pair – this is what defines CARAT.

The Fall/Winter 2019 debut collection of heels, mules and flats offer aesthetic excellence for women who wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection in every pair of shoes. Evoking boldness and feminine allure, CARAT’s silhouette is easily recognised in this collection, from the architectural heels to the folding effect achieved from the manipulation of leather, it is clear that CARAT was created for women with distinctive taste. CARAT understands and references long-lost elements of some of the most iconic women’s wardrobes in history which is translated to the brand using modern aesthetics. This inspiration captures a unique sense of couture that is uncompromising in style, comfort and material delivering an authentic luxury experience influenced by classics with a modern twist.

CARAT heels are designed by skilled artisans and crafted using premium quality Italian leather incorporating semi-precious gemstones, creating pieces that are made to last long and impress. Designed with precision, CARAT provides timeless, cutting-edge and exclusive pieces for any occasion. “I’ve always had a special relationship with fashion, especially shoes, it provided me with a platform to create art. With the launch of CARAT, I wanted to transform shoes in any form, be it high heels or flats to wearable art so the individuality of the women wear them can shine through” says Fatma Hussain, Creative Director of CARAT.

With over a decade of experience working in the oil industry, Fatmah viewed fashion as a daily inspiration. After realising her passion and talent for finding the finest fashion designs, Fatmah travelled to Italy and trained in a prestigious private school while she was there. During her training, she learnt the soughtafter secrets of iconic Italian footwear and infused that knowledge with a touch of her very own cultural influences and personal style. As the creative director of CARAT, she strives to raise the standard in footwear and provide a never-before-seen option for women. Besides carefully chosen materials, Fatmah’s tireless motivation, design skills and knowledge are the features that transform high heels into wearable art.

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