The Qannati Objet d’Art tagline is ‘The Art of Time-Keeping’, which is exactly what this unique brand offers – an exquisite way of both marking and freezing time.

If you are looking for a completely out-of-the-box concept when choosing your next watch or piece of jewellery, Qannati Objet d’Art is definitely the best brand to fulfil this desire. Mahmood Qannati created the unparalleled label in 2018, the first luxury concept anchored in France and Bahrain, designing handcrafted, wearable and collectable art objects. In the quest to make his ideas come to life, Mahmood partnered with two exceptional French master artisans, the designer Frédéric Mané, Qannati’s Artistic Director, and Jothi-Sèroj Ebroussard, a jeweller and sculptor. Both are well-known in the industry and have worked with the Place Vendôme elite, a destination in Paris for luxury and extremely high-end jewellery and watch brands.

“In Qannati Objet d’Art, we focus on the art of time-keeping rather than time-telling. Our clients are masters of their time. They travel through their lives, learning from their past, enjoying the present and having a clear vision of their future. And because every person is unique, Qannati is a canvas for those who want to celebrate precious instants by freezing moments and converting them into breathtaking wearable art pieces,” explains Mahmood.

Qannati’s brand philosophy and design identity revolve around the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, an overlapping pattern of circles that have been present in art, sculpture, objects and architecture for thousands of years. The ancient ornamental motif symbolises divinity and power from the civilised world’s origins.

Each item created is a masterpiece with one-of-a-kind aesthetics and superior craftsmanship that combines ancient history and ancestral symbolism with authentic French savoir-faire in the jewellery-making and miniature sculpture fields. Qannati’s striking pieces can be personalised and express each client’s memory or favourite elements, a token to be kept forever. The brand is launching its first collection, Celebration of Time, with 13 masterpieces to be worn on the wrist.

All the creations are placed under a sapphire glass dome, each featuring a singular universe using a combination of precious stones and exotic materials to narrate, through miniature sculpted pieces, a chapter in the millenary journey of humankind. “Each scenario is designed to appeal to and echo what I call the dreams and aspirations of the wearer. They are a masterpiece of craftsmanship that bridges the aesthetic divide between art, jewellery and horlogerie, whether purely ornamental or functioning as a timepiece,” says Mahmood.

This debut collection is comprised of six Eternity Bracelets and six Quantum Timepieces, each complementing the other as they can be worn separately or together, one on each wrist like the ancient kings of Mesopotamia. The 13th piece will remain in Qannati’s private collection and is not available to be purchased.

The Eternity Bracelets, each representing a chapter of the greater spectrum of time, from the beginning of the universe to the conquest of space, include Eternity Bracelet pieces titled Jurassic, Gladiators, First Civilization, Pearl of the Gulf, Monaco and Space Conquest.

The Quantum Timepieces include unique models called Jurassic, Adam & Eve, Gladiators, Al-Fallah (prayer and worship in Arabic), Monaco and Space Conquest Quantum.

“I have always been fascinated by watches and loved them on my wrist. However, I never cared so much about the time-telling part. In fact, when I see the seconds moving, I feel anxious, I think that I might be late and I feel that time is passing by fast like never before. Therefore, I decided to freeze time (or time-keeping). At the beginning of Qannati, I froze a lovely and dear moment in my heart. Every time I look at a 90-degree angle at the precious green emerald from my mum’s collection on my Qannati piece, I see a reflection of myself, which takes me back to when I was seven years old, holding my mum’s hand in the streets of Hamburg. It was a very happy moment and I don’t get tired of travelling back in time to it,” shares Mahmood.

In high jewellery, brands find rare gemstones and then create masterpieces around them. Qannati does the complete opposite. They design the bespoke piece and then search the world to find the right gem or material, from fossilised dinosaur bones and meteorite rocks to raw diamond slices and natural freshwater pearls.

Uniqueness, skilled and creative jewellers, superior materials, passion for history, freezing time and beauty are some of Qannati Objet d’Art’s qualities. A combination of characteristics you rarely find in any other luxury brand – wearable art in its most refined conception.


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