Damas extends its innovative Gaia range, a one-of-a-kind diamond jewellery collection, for women who dare to be different.

Initially launched in 2021, Gaia is the region’s first lab-grown diamond collection, an innovative conception led by Damas Jewellery. The brand was established in 1907 and has earned recognition over the years as a leading jewellery retailer and manufacturer in the Middle East, with an extensive portfolio of over 180 stores across the GCC.

Gaia’s diamonds are authentically made by replicating the natural process of how a diamond is created, one that is kinder to and gentler on the environment. The lab-grown pieces bear all the hallmarks of mined stones and are certified and graded by international expert gemmologists, such as HRD Antwerp in Belgium. A testament to thoughtful elegance, each Gaia piece is awe-inspiring and the collection has been extended, offering striking creations.

According to international standards, diamonds are evaluated using the 4C’s: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. Damas’s continuous pursuit of leading and innovating has beautifully introduced a fifth element: Choice. This collection gives women the freedom and opportunity to purchase diamonds that reflect who they are.

Baguette, half moon, oval or round, the cuts are among the largest diamonds available on the market, offering better value. The stunning range is made with 18-carat gold, in styles including diamond stud and drop earrings, tennis bracelets, diamond necklaces, bangles, chokers and engagement rings.

The Gaia collection has been carefully curated for the women of tomorrow: discerning and aspirational. They are also luxury lovers who choose to be different and take pride in standing out. The line’s diamonds are for passionate and adventurous culture seekers with a strong sense of self. The collection is made for conscious customers, curious about the world and eager to try new and innovative concepts. Gleaming with plenty of character, Gaia’s pieces mirror their wearer. A different type of diamond to empower women to be exactly that: different.


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