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I t’s no secret that we at OHLALA enjoy the finer things in life. From exotic travel to designer clothing and premium vehicles, we just can’t get enough of the very best on offer. And thanks to the amazing team at Rolls-Royce Bahrain, our ultimate automobile fantasy finally came true when we spent the day in the new RollsRoyce Ghost.

The 2021 model has been completely redesigned. It’s now almost 5.5 metres long and almost two metres at its widest point. The front end is more aggressive in nature than its predecessor, and the newly designed grille is made out of high-quality metal. The spirit of ecstasy bonnet ornament looks sublime and can be ordered in either solid silver or gold plated. This ornament can be manually retracted into the hood from inside the vehicle, but will also retract automatically if anyone attempts to handle it.

At the flanks, the optional 21-inch wheels draw the eye to the centre caps that do not move when the car is travelling, ensuring the Rolls-Royce logo always remains upright. A powerful shoulder line gives the sides a robust presence, however, the sleekness of the design ensures this car never looks bulky. The body panels are all made of a single piece of aluminium with master craftsmanship, ensuring there are no joints from front to rear. At the back end, chrome-surrounded twin dual exhausts finish off the exterior with a flourish. In fact, there are chrome accents present all over the vehicle, including above the rear license plate, around the taillights, and around the windows as well as the door handles.

“Once inside, we were blown away by the sheer class, elegance, and extravagance that greeted us.”

The doors all electronically open and close. The rear doors are rear hinged, meaning they open in the opposite direction to the front ones. Once inside, we were blown away by the sheer class, elegance, and extravagance that greeted us.

There are far too many magnificent features to mention in this review, but we will do our best to provide you with some of the highlights. All materials used are of the highest quality available. The leather on the dashboard, on the seats, covering the steering wheel, and even lining the door bins is exceptionally soft to the touch and the hand-stitching has been done so well that it looks like a machine is responsible for it. The wood veneers are solid, thick, and have a shiny finish, whilst everything in the interior that looks like metal is, in fact, metal. The electrically operated seats are huge and super comfortable, housing both heating and massage technology. The carpet on the floors is beautiful and thick, whilst the organ stops on the air vents add a classy touch. The glove box is spacious, while the cup holders are gilded.

The dials sit behind a glass screen and, although they are partially digital, they retain a classic look. The infotainment system is basically the same as the BMW i-Drive, but with a classier font. You can use a swivel wheel on the central console to navigate it as well as via touchscreen and buttons located on the stunning steering wheel. In the rear is ample space on offer with loads of leg and head room. There is a separate climate control in the back as well as a champagne fridge located behind the central arm rest. The rear entertainment system consists of two large screens located on the back of both front seats from which you can operate the infotainment system. These fold away electronically at the touch of a button.

There is an array of optional interior extras available for the 2021 Ghost, including rear-seat massage function, Rolls-Royce embossed headrest pillows, and electronic curtains for both the rear windows as well as for the rear windshield. The boot has a capacity of 507 litres and a scuff plate to prevent any loading from damaging the paintwork.

Finally, we started up the new Ghost and soon found its performance to match the level of excellence set by its design. The 2021 model boasts a 6.75-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 571hp and 850Nm of torque. This allows the Ghost to effortlessly accelerate from 0-100km/h in under five seconds and reach a top speed of 250km/h. The power of this engine combined with air suspension, a separate front suspension, an outstanding braking system, roll bars that tighten up to stop the car leaning in the bends, and a multitude of other performance features ensure this is one smooth ride.

Thick, double-glazed windows and around 100 kilos of soundproofing material throughout the cabin guarantee a quiet ride that is second to none. All of this, coupled with advanced safety features, provides a secure and relaxing driving experience that simply cannot be beaten. Overall, this is perhaps the most luxurious vehicle we’ve ever had the privilege of test driving.

Call Rolls-Royce Bahrain on 1775 4754 for more information and to book a test drive of your very own.

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