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Silk’s serves some of the best steaks in town, but its themed brunches aren’t about to take a backseat, as OHLALA’s Sara Waddah finds out.

Despite the ubiquitous face masks, my dining companion and I are greeted by smiling faces at Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain, which says something of the customer service that’s about to follow at Silk’s. We’re directed through the luxurious, maze-like hotel, and arrive famished at the restaurant soon after.

What greets us is a bright and airy space, and a sense of excitement kicks in as we’re ushered to our designated table. With polished silverware patiently awaiting our arrival at the table, we’re now moments away from our meal, so we take a moment or two to observe the set-up. Here, the ceilings are high, there’s both indoor and outdoor seating areas to choose from, and the restaurant is structured strategically in order to give guests enough room to tread around while maintaining a safe distance. Outside of its à la carte menu, Silk’s hosts two different themed nights each week – Monday’s Seafood Night and Flaming Thursdays – and I’m about to try both.

Buffet tables are set up at the front of the restaurant, and diners are escorted by a host so that they can select their desired dishes. These are then prepared accordingly, picked up, and served to you at your table, thereby minimising personal contact as well as any sort of contamination. How great is that? We start our culinary journey on a Thursday, and the buffet experience is a treat from start to end. We begin by piling up our table with appetisers and side dishes as a warm-up for the main courses, and quickly realise that we should’ve saved a bit more space once we tuck into the greatest rib-eye steak we’ve ever tried. It’s juicy, it’s tender, it’s loaded with flavour.

Highly marbled and with almost no external fat, it is prepared to absolute perfection – according to your preference, of course! Something else that we can vouch for? Literally anything that comes off the barbecue at Silk’s. A word to the wise: if it’s sizzling and slow-cooked, try it. It’s no wonder Flaming Thursdays is the stuff of carnivore dreams. But with my pescatarian side screaming for attention, I take a breather and brace myself for another feast, this time at Monday’s Seafood Night.

It’s an entirely different buffet experience, this one, with the freshest catch of the day starring in the lead role. It’s hard to know where to start when I set my eyes on everything from sushi and sashimi to seafood dim sum, tempura, and the likes of grouper and red snapper cooked to order. As I make my way through lobsters, tiger prawns, and the sweetest oysters I’ve had on the island, the decadence of this meal isn’t lost on me. And the best part? No one can stop you from getting seconds (or thirds). Desserts are a whole other thing at Silk’s, but whatever you do, make sure you save some room for the banana split. The crown jewel is Mövenpick’s special ice cream, and it takes this classic to a whole new level. Try it now, thank us later.

Outside of its à la carte menu, Silk’s hosts two different themed nights each week – Monday’s Seafood Night and Flaming Thursdays – and I’m about to try both.

Clearly, Silk’s has figured out the secret to plastering a smile on the faces of foodies across the workweek. As for weekends? There’s a popular Friday brunch on offer, but that’s a story for another time. Even the name of this restaurant feels apt – the dining experiences here are smooth from start to finish, with enticing extras like Latin band performances or live DJ sets at the poolside terrace only adding to their appeal. If you’re on a quest for a themed brunch that offers great value for money in a warm and welcoming ambience, your search ends here.

For reservations and more information, please call 1746 0000

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