The French Way

The fashion brand Celine is welcoming a new scent to their perfume collection. Rimbaud brings a pleasing mix of lavender and iris.

The Celine Haute Parfumerie adds Rimbaud to their day collection of fragrant bouquets. The fragrance embodies the themes of identity beyond gender and the essence of youth and fragility, as well as the French spirit and its cultural roots. It especially pays tribute to French literature and poetry, which are vital parts of the brand’s artistic vision. The character in this new scent is French poet Arthur Rimbaud, hence the perfume’s name.

Created by Hedi Slimane, Celine’s Creative, Artistic and Image Director, it incorporates two important scents. Lavender’s aromatic grace and delicate freshness directly contrast with iris’ exuberance and robustness, creating an interesting paradox and duality, signalling introverted craftsmanship and olfactory fragility as the scent clings lightly to the skin.

Lavender has been an ingredient in the brand’s perfumes since their Privée collection in 2004. With its vivacious and subtle textures, this element is the ultimate archetype for masculine fragrances. The flower is harvested in July and August and gives off its scent when blooming. The gentle and subdued scent of iris comes out beautifully in this edition. The orris, a specific part of the iris, is collected from the roots. It takes six years to obtain the essential oil known in perfumery as ‘Orris Butter’. The rarity of the crop and the time it takes to get this special essential oil make it all the more precious.

The bottle’s rectangular shape is a salute to the French art of glassmaking. The shape is decorated on both sides with sharpedged fluting and adorned with a black lacquer cap. The design is infused with the beauty of art deco and minimalistic charm, and the aesthetic is inherited from 17th-century classicism.


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