Put Your Records On

And roll up your sleeves to embrace the season of organising and cleaning up your home and, why not, your life!

March is the month when winter leaves us, and spring shows up with its beautiful colours. The season is a synonym of flowers, new beginnings, and the perfect time to declutter your home, wardrobe, and personal life. It’s time to wave goodbye to old rags and embrace fabulous new pieces to flaunt around, now that we are more encouraged to get out of the house and enjoy a reinvigorated social life.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the expression ‘spring cleaning’ means an occasion when you clean a house or room wholly and carefully, including the parts you usually ignore in your daily tidy-up. The habit of giving a good clean and organising the home during this period dates back centuries and is adopted by many cultures. In some parts of the world, winters can be harsh and create mould, and we also tend to wash things such as coats and duvets a lot less.

It is also a fact that during darker winter months, our bodies end up producing more melatonin, a hormone that sees its levels rise in the evening and helps to promote sleep. Even in this part of the world, where we endure a really mild winter, the days are shortened. As days lengthen, we are left with more energy. So, open your windows (at least until the heat hits us) and shake out the dust – dancing and moving to the sound of your favourite tunes!

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