Staying Well While Travelling

This month, Victoria Kruse, our contributor for wellness and sustainability matters, gives tips on well-being while on the go. She also shares an energy drink and a natural deodorant recipe.

With the reopening of most of the world after two years of limbo, people are now travelling more than ever. I am already on my fifth business trip this year and have taken 37 flights so far. I feel that now is the ideal time to share some advice about keeping healthy and eating well while travelling, especially for those wanting to continue with their ‘eating lifestyles’ while on the move.

  1. Get into your destination’s time zone before you arrive. As soon as you leave home, start reprogramming your body clock. If it is nighttime at your destination, then try to get yourself to sleep. Part of my strategy on long-haul flights is to ensure I am tired before boarding and then make sure I eat, hydrate and rest well while on board. Once it is morning at your destination, wake yourself up and get moving, work a little or engage your mind in something such as reading or sudoku.
  2. Make sure what you put in your body is good. I always ensure I don’t board a flight hungry and take food with me that fits my keto lifestyle. A great option for me on the morning of a hectic day is a bulletproof coffee (recipe next page). The combination of the fat and caffeine helps get the brain cells firing, and the good fats let me feel satiated.
  3. Use your own toiletries. I always take my natural-based toiletries or check in advance with the hotels to see what they offer. From experience, I can testify that nothing is worse than using something while you are away that causes a negative affect on your body, such as an allergy. I always have coconut oil, homemade organic deodorant (recipe next page), and my own body wash, as a bare minimum.
  4. Travel exercise tools. Doing a little yoga, stretching or a workout can help your body recover from a journey and allow your mind to prepare for or restore from a busy day. I travel with a super light, foldable yoga mat and some resistance bands. Enjoy your time away while maintaining a healthy routine.

Bulletproof Coffee

1/2 tbsp of grass-fed butter
30ml Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil
1 slightly longer shot of espresso

If you have a blender, add all the ingredients, blend until smooth and then pour into a cup. While travelling, take a fork with you, pour the coffee mix into a cup and whisk away.

Organic Deodorant

3 tbsp tapioca starch
3 tbsp baking soda
3 tbsp coconut oil (warm if up if not liquid)
A few drops of tea tree and rose geranium essential oil

Mix all the ingredients in a metal bowl until smooth. There are a few ways to use it. If you are in a warm location, it will be a paste that you can apply with your finger or put into an old roll-on deodorant bottle. The consistency will be harder in colder areas, so pour it into a silicone mould and let it dry and harden into a bar that can be rubbed under your arms.

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