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The jewellery brand Roberto Coin unveil their mesmerising spring and summer 2022 collections – an ode to femininity.

The luxury brand was born in 1996. Its founder, the namesake of the label, decided to leave his successful career as a hotelier to follow his passion in the jewellery field. Roberto Coin’s creativity took shape through the hands of renowned Italian jewellery artisans, telling his story through jewels that become works of art. We’ve selected some of the brand’s newest creations to be added to your jewellery collection.

A region in northern Spain serves is the inspiration for this line. The pieces reinterpret the coat of arms of the ancient Kingdom of Navarre, made of 16 chains in a sunburst pattern dominated by a glorious crown. The chains that dominate the designs are solid in the bracelets and rings and movable in the earrings and necklaces. Navarra is dedicated to women who hold a particularly combative soul.

The Princess family is the most romantic line in Roberto Coin’s portfolio. It includes Princess, Princess Flower, Diamond Princess, Royal Princess and now the Venetian Princess. The collection is inspired by the mystery that characterises the city of Venice with its legends and secrets. The jewels have a complex structure of twisted threads with a re-interpretation of the decorations found on Venetian palaces. The play of black and white diamonds evokes a vision of the faint lights of the streetlamps as they reflect off the dark waters of Venice’s canals.

This line embodies the severity of geometrics and the intensity of precious stones proposed in unusual and original combinations. It is best described by its zig-zagging lines, wide curves, pointed angles and soft tassels. The correlation to the Art Decò style is evident in the collection’s design. The rings evoke the symmetries of the era’s buildings, while the vibrant colour combinations break the classic rules of harmony.

Roberto Coin’s collections are available at Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BJC).

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