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CHANEL are constantly innovating their cosmetic and makeup lines. ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT is their new lipstick that offers an intense, satiny and long-lasting look.

Masks are becoming less common, and lips are getting the attention they deserve as they are tinted in lipsticks with revamped formulas. They come in newer textures, durations and shades.

CHANEL unveils ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT, a new high-intensity lip colour with concentrated radiance and care. The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio joined forces with CHANEL Research to develop the ultimate product, which reveals the strength of those who wear it. The perfect lipstick makes you feel your best. It stays vibrant and comfortable all day and puts a makeup look or an outfit together. It reflects an intention, a style.

With a high concentration of pigments, ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT delivers colour intensity in the first application. A collection of 20 bright, bold, varied lip shades that range from intense beige to fiery red and deep pink. The lipstick is enriched with a complex that combines ume flower (plum blossom) enfleurage oil, and plant waxes for nourished, moisturised, and protected lips.

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