Reinventing Colour

Guerlain’s latest Terracotta Blush features six stunning shades inspired by nature’s hues.

Guerlain introduced Terracotta Blush, a masterpiece in its iconic line of complexion essentials that embodies the philosophy of embracing one’s natural beauty. With a focus on simplicity and authenticity, this new blush offers a delicate, airy finish that effortlessly enhances the cheekbones. Individuals are invited to wear just what’s essential – a touch of colour that celebrates authenticity, simplicity and radiance.

At the heart of this product lies a natural-origin formula, marking a significant milestone for Guerlain. Composed of 90% naturally derived ingredients, this blush not only provides stunning colour but also cares for the skin. Pure pigments combined with a light base allow the product to adapt seamlessly to the skin’s undertones, creating a bespoke, radiant complexion with every application.

The palette, curated by Guerlain’s Make-Up Creative Director, Violette, draws inspiration from the earth’s original spectrum, offering six exquisite shades – nude, pink, and coral – each in light and dark intensities, allowing for endless customisation. The nude tones provide subtle warmth, while pinks offer a fresh, youthful glow and the coral shades evoke a sun-kissed luminosity.

From soft, barely-there flushes to vibrant statements, these hues cater to diverse preferences. Wearers can effortlessly match their complexion and personal style, achieving a bespoke look that celebrates individuality. Violette’s expert advice on application adds a personalised touch to the experience, encouraging users to blend warm and cool shades for a multidimensional effect. By applying the blush to the centre of the cheek, where natural flushes occur, and layering different tones, one can achieve a customised look that enhances their features.

The packaging reflects Guerlain’s commitment to sustainability, with the iconic powder compact now available in a mini format and refillable design. This eco-conscious approach aligns with the brand’s values, ensuring that beauty is not only timeless but also responsible.


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