Thinkers Portrait Campaign – Crossing Borders of Creativity

Purificacion Garcia celebrates creativity across KSA and Qatar with a diverse ensemble of artists, designers, and innovators.

In a vibrant celebration of creativity and uniqueness, Purificacion Garcia, the esteemed fashion label driven by geometric aesthetics and innovative design has announced the launch of the second edition of its Thinkers Portrait Campaign on April 28 to shed light on the talents of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Extending its reach across borders, this year’s campaign features a carefully curated group of thirteen outstanding individuals, representing a wide spectrum of creative fields. These include artists, designers, florists, wellness experts, athletes, baristas, TV hosts, and podcasters.

Purificacion Garcia team stated, “We want to bridge cultures and celebrate the rich creative tapestry that thrives within our community through our Thinkers Portrait Campaign which is part of our PG Universe concept that represents the imaginary of the brand. Through working with these remarkable individuals, we are able to showcase the diverse ways creativity can manifest, and hopefully inspire more and ever greater visionary talents to rise and find their creative voice.”

Lina Mo, the campaign’s photographer, captured its essence with precision, while Mohammed Jojo, a featured thinker, brought creativity as a videographer, both pivotal to the campaign’s success. Together, they were integral in portraying the exceptional group of thinkers. 

Purificacion Garcia is committed to nurturing the creative community through its Thinkers Portrait Campaign. This campaign aims to showcase and celebrate the unique perspectives and innovative contributions of some of the most promising talent in the region’s creative industries. The campaign features Anum Bashir, Deyaa Rambo, Hadeer Omar, Hassan Qadri, Lulu Hamzah, Lulwa Almarri, Mohammed Aboulfaraj, Mohammed Jojo, Nora Hussayni, Rajeh Alharthi, Rawnaa Babunji, Summer Shesha and Yasmian Ghanem.

Through photoshoots conducted in their workspaces, the campaign provides the Purificacion Garcia community with a behind-the-scenes look into the worlds of these remarkable talents.

Purificacion Garcia embodies timeless elegance, blending sophisticated style with modern flair. The brand goes beyond fashion to support the arts and creativity through its Thinkers campaign, fostering a community where individuality and innovation thrive. Purificacion Garcia is more than a fashion label; it is a platform that inspires future leaders in design, art, and culture, anchored by values of authenticity and a passion for life.

The Thinkers Portrait Campaign extends invitation to audiences in KSA, Qatar, and beyond, encouraging them to delve into the rich and vibrant realm of creativity flourishing within these communities. Through each portrait, a story of passion, dedication, and creativity, serves as a reminder of the beauty in our differences and the power of individuality.

Introduced in 2019, the Thinkers Program stands as Purificacion Garcia’s pioneering initiative to discover new talents and strengthen support for the creative community. It celebrates talent and the desire to contribute through creativity, aiming to highlight local young profiles that model the socio-cultural reality of their countries.

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