Aromatic Alchemy

Discover a new dimension of luxury fragrance with Cartier’s Les Bases à Parfumer Ritual, where Peregrina oil shines in an olfactory symphony.

Perfume, in the eyes of Cartier’s perfumer Mathilde Laurent, is the pinnacle of artistry – subtle yet demanding. With the introduction of Les Bases à Parfumer Cartier, a new body ritual has emerged, allowing fragrance enthusiasts to fully express themselves without compromise.

At the heart of the ritual lies Peregrina oil – an exquisite ingredient sourced from the Moringa Peregrina tree in the AlUla region of Saudi Arabia. With a heritage dating back to Ancient Egypt, Peregrina oil symbolises purity, luxury and the timeless allure of fragrance. Its inclusion in the ritual speaks to the brand’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and honouring the rich traditions of perfumery.

Step One: Selecting Your Preferred Base
The Les Bases à Parfumer Ritual unfolds in two distinct steps, each designed to enhance the wearer’s olfactory experience. The first step invites individuals to select their preferred base – Huile Pure or Crème Pure. Huile Pure, a luminous body oil infused with Peregrina oil, offers a radiant finish, while Crème Pure, enriched with natural ingredients, provides a velvety touch to the skin. This initial choice sets the foundation for a customised scent journey.

Step Two: Selecting the Perfect Perfume
With the base in place, fragrance enthusiasts are then presented with Cartier’s exquisite collection of perfumes. From the timeless elegance of La Panthère to the exotic allure of Oud & Santal, each fragrance embodies Cartier’s essence and complements the selected base.

The elegance of the collection is mirrored in the design of the oil bottle and cream pot, adorned with the maison’s signature golden gadroons. Huile Pure is available in a 100ml bottle and Crème Pure is housed in a 200ml pot, enriched with over 97% natural ingredients, leaving the skin soft and silky.


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