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Is it lipstick or a cute accessory? The answer is both! The new Mini Tints from Herrera Beauty are the charms to accompany you wherever you go.

T he fashion house Carolina Herrera is well-known for its impeccable cuts and distinct designs. In 2019 the brand launched its beauty line, Herrera Beauty, blurring the lines between beauty, jewellery and high fashion. A range of ultraperformant, fully customisable lipsticks, compacts and accessories debuted in early 2020. Following the success of this makeup range, Herrera Beauty releases a new line of refillable lipsticks called Mini Tints.

In various shades and innovative textures, the little lip smackers join the signature sheer, satin, and matte formulas to extend the brand’s lipstick offer. “With the new Mini Tints, the focus is on creating that natural, yet super polished hint of colour,” says Lauren Parsons, Herrera Beauty global makeup consultant.

The mini lipsticks are available in seven shades, with true reds and deep plums; they are small in size but big in glossy results. Herrera Beauty’s sheerest formula yet delivers a buildable hint of tint that lasts up to six hours in one smooth, melting swipe.

Lips appear plumped for longer thanks to a one-per-cent concentration of patented Maxi-Lip, for a luminous and radiant effect. Wear them, gift them, adapt them to your unique style. “The fact that you can personalise your makeup to suit your sense of fashion is what made the launch of Herrera Beauty so special, and that’s definitely something that we wanted to continue,” highlights Carolina A. Herrera, beauty creative director. “You can mix and match the caps and bottom colours to create different combinations. Plus, every single product is refillable, which means that you can change what’s inside your makeup case too.”

Each shade of Mini Tint is also available as a refill, meaning that you can top up your signature case for as long as you want or switch shades according to the seasons and your mood. And because they’re refillable, the Mini Tints help you cut down on packaging waste.


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