Our complexions are a reflection of our overall health, both physical and mental. Givenchy dedicates its new skincare range to battling the effects of stress on our business card – our faces!

Stress is part of contemporary life, it can come from different sources such as work, family life, pandemic, the list goes on. And the affects of this emotional unbalance effect our complexions directly. However, skincare lines haven’t been specifically created to combat this ‘invisible’ enemy – until now. Ressource is Givenchy’s new skincare range, developed to fight the negative results of stress on our skin.

The level of hydration in our complexion drops when we are exposed to psychological fatigue. Its surface, where stress alters the barrier function’s permeability, and inside the cells, where stress has a significant impact on the skin’s moisture level, are the main casualties of this harmful factor.

Ressource is an anti-stress moisturising treatment that corrects the damaging effects of this kind of tension on the skin and rebalances its moisture content to provide absolute comfort. Because stressed skin can also mean sensitive skin, the formulas in Ressource have been pared down to only what is essential. They are rich in natural ingredients and created to work with the skin and minimise any other reactions. Givenchy laboratories have created the Beauty Moss Complex, an antidote against damage to the skin caused by environmental and emotional stress. This complex is made from 100-per-cent natural ingredients such as moss and everlasting flower. Moss reactivates the flow of water through the skin to keep cells hydrated.

While everlasting flower helps retain the water found naturally in the skin and strengthens its barrier, it stops moisture from evaporating. The range has an extra value; the jars and bottles used for the Ressource line are made of recyclable materials that can be easily separated when the product has been used. The packaging is made using sustainably managed forests and with biosourced inks.


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