Find your kindred dining spirit amidst globally inspired flavours and homegrown flair with HAUS RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE. This is sophistication, but without all the ‘fuss’.

Nestled in the culinary heart of Adliya, Haus offers no-nonsense sophistication. The team here has devised a globally inspired menu that maximises the fabulous local produce available and offers up ‘eclectic fusion’ cuisine; combining different flavours of a variety of cultures into one dish. The on-site bakery also supplies the restaurant with a plethora of sweet treats and bakes.

The décor is a continuation of the light and airy feel which pervades the bar and restaurant area. Parquet flooring combined with upholstery and soft furnishings in neutral hues of cream and blue create a contemporary feel about the dining area. The vast floor-to-ceiling glazing due to its style, projects a bright homely feel. A selection of candles allow for a conversation starter as you witness that the wax has formed its own level of artistic heights as it’s melted – you’ll know what I mean when you visit. Additionally the open wooden shelving units used to partition areas allow light to pass through them. An abundance of vases both large and small further add to the relaxed vibe. Sofas and winged, upholstered chairs invite you to linger rather than racing off once your meal is over. Adorning the walls of Haus is a multitude of paintings from Ghalia Abdul Jawad reflecting the complexities of human relationships and different emotions that we all share. This visual representation of a problem shared is a problem halved which blends well with the notion that food brings everyone together, which inevitably flows throughout the very DNA of Haus. You can even make your way upstairs to Haus Lounge where they have a DJ performing every weekend alongside live tunes including that of cello and saxophone performances. Not to mention the rotation of talented artists that they bring in for renowned live performances. You cannot help but notice the high level of detail that has been executed to cater to their patrons and their desires, including The Courtyard where people can enjoy sitting outside for lunch or dinner in a relaxed environment – perfect for the months ahead.

“The exquisite presentation and intoxicating mix of flavours heightened our sense of anticipation for what was to follow.”

As we sat down we were immediately presented with the freshest basket of bread you can imagine delivered directly to our table from the ovens of the on-site bakery. The chunky, rustic slices provided the perfect vessels to mop up remaining sauces, dips and reductions.

The menu offers not only variety but also originality. Salads, sharing dishes and warm starters draw inspiration from every continent. Baby spinach doused in sesame dressing was so simple yet utterly delicious. The dressing carried the whole dish and it complemented our other choices perfectly. Truffle marbled angus beef sliced paper thin so that it almost melted away on your tongue. Garlic chips and leaves added texture and freshness. The Burrata with sun blushed tomatoes was a shining example of how the team employs locally sourced produce to form the centrepiece of so many dishes. The stand-out starter was undoubtedly the fish tacos which were as beautiful as they were delicious. Fried fish in a light golden batter combined with pickled shallots and a vibrant, tangy tartar sauce housed in a soft shell taco. It was the perfect storm.

The exquisite presentation and intoxicating mix of flavours heightened our sense of anticipation for what was to follow. The flame grilled angus striploin with yakiniku sauce was so tender that it fell apart with almost no need for cutlery. The dipping sauce was sweet and created the perfect bite when combined with the charred, seasoned beef. The sea bream was locally sourced and the quality was evident in just how succulent the flesh was. The crispy skin, combined with the sweetness and crunch of sunblushed tomatoes and baby vegetables created a culinary explosion in our mouths

It is reasonable to say that everyone has their ‘thing’. You are either a Starter and Main Course person or a Main Course and Dessert person but here at Haus you will find it impossible not to make your meal a trilogy. The desserts reinvent the familiar and elevate it to levels never experienced before. The date pudding alone would have been a triumph but combine it with the hot syrup and unctuous ice cream and it became a symphony of melodiousness. Naively I assumed that this couldn’t be topped until the chocolate fondant dessert was unleashed on us. Caramelised bananas formed a base for a dessert which is the gastronomic equivalent of a hug. Decadent and delicious. I doubt it is possible to explain in text the sensation of releasing the gooey fondant centre and combining it with the creamiest pistachio ice cream …. It seems this is something that you will just have to experience for yourselves. Reservations here are advised but not mandatory, however, I would highly recommend that you do if you’re wishing to dine with them for your Valentine’s Dinner from their decadent set menu for couples.

Without a shadow of a doubt Haus is the breath of fresh air that Adliya needed. It is THE venue for all occasions and varied tastes. Their operating hours are between 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 2am, so you have further flexibility in your visiting options. It welcomes and embraces you which is why you should definitely make Haus a home! You can thank us later.

For reservations and more information, please call 1766 3232. / @hausbakery
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