Lips of a Wanderer

Christian Louboutin’s iconic lipsticks are now coming in a smaller format – for ladies on the go.

Re-applying make-up throughout the day is not a practice many embrace, but we all certainly do lipstick touch-ups! Christian Louboutin has repurposed his iconic lines with Rouge Louboutin On The Go, making them easy to slip elegantly into a handbag. They bring the same performance and boldness of the regular lipstick range but in new precious and nomadic packaging.

Rouge Louboutin On The Go comes in three textures, Velvet Matte, Silky Satin and SooooO…Glow. Each lipstick comes in 12 shades that include the iconic Christian Louboutin red but also nudes, browns, pinks and oranges. Same formula, high performance and range of shades but all in a smaller format.

Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte is all about colour intensity, long-lasting comfort and wear. It offers six hours of colour fixation, 12 hours of hydration and 24 hours of comfort. Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin delivers high shine and lasting colour in a creamy texture that plumps and cares for lips. It offers six hours of luminosity and colour intensity with 12 hours of moisture. Rouge Louboutin SooooO…Glow is the ultimate lipstick that offers a sheer lasting shine in hydrating brilliant colour – enjoy six hours of hydration, vivid shade and coverage.

Christian Louboutin lipsticks are now infused with the exclusive Glamlips, a complex that brings a high level of comfort and strong, lasting colour to the lips. The concoction includes hyaluronic acid, to lock in moisture and smooth the lips, B5 vitamins, that act as a powerful antioxidant, and is enriched with pansy extract.

Choose your favourite shade and keep luscious lips on the go. “Because lipstick can transform a face from intense to naïve, or even dangerous,” Christian Louboutin.


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