Stardust ELIXIR

Crafted by CHANEL’s in-house perfumer, Olivier Polge, LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL – COMÈTE is a celestial voyage captured in a bottle.

Fragrance, they say, is a language of emotions, revealing stories and secrets with every spritz. For CHANEL, fragrance is an art form, a way to encapsulate the essence of Gabrielle Chanel’s spirit and vision. Enter COMÈTE, the latest addition to the prestigious LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection, paying homage to the timeless elegance and optimism embodied by Mademoiselle Chanel herself. Drawing inspiration from celestial motifs, particularly the comet, COMÈTE captures the essence of cosmic wonder and eternal chance. Gabrielle Chanel’s fascination with celestial bodies is well-documented, and the comet held a special place in her universe. This inspiration shines through in every aspect of COMÈTE, from its formulation to its packaging.

The scent opens with a fresh and delicate cherry blossom accord, evoking a sense of luminosity and purity. This floral symphony is enriched with notes of iris and heliotrope, culminating in a powdery, musky signature that leaves an unforgettable trail. The bottle housing COMÈTE is a testament to the brand’s commitment to elegance and sophistication. It is encased in streamlined glass with a monogrammed black lid and exudes timeless beauty. Its case, reminiscent of a white jewellery-style coffret with a black trim, adds an extra touch of luxury.

To celebrate the launch of COMÈTE, a special limited-edition creation is introduced, featuring an embossed representation of the legendary Comète necklace. This nod to Chanel’s iconic design heritage adds a touch of glamour to an already exquisite fragrance. COMÈTE joins the constellation of LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL as a luminous and intense fragrance, symbolising optimism and the belief that our paths are guided by our own lucky stars.

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