The year’s colder months are the best time to treat skin issues. Melissa Nazareth investigates some non-invasive surgical treatments and procedures that can fight annoying complexion conditions.

While every face is beautiful, some get away with minimal skincare. But the rest of us needn’t despair. We spoke with experts in non-invasive surgical treatments who shared their views on common skin problems and ways to help boost your skin quality, as well as offering useful tips.

Regarding the most common issues and their causes, the experts at Bioskinspa say that wrinkles appear mainly due to the loss of collagen. This problem can happen naturally with age or by factors such as exposure to UV rays, exaggerated facial expressions and use of cosmetics, especially bad quality ones, stress, sudden weight loss, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Dark circles and hyperpigmentation are not necessarily related to age. The genetic factor can be one of the leading causes. Other reasons include malnutrition, lack of iron in the blood, smoking and stress. Hormones certainly play a major role in the appearance of acne. However, all age groups may suffer from it. Some women may experience breakouts occurring at different stages due to hormonal changes. What non-invasive surgical treatments does Bioskinspa offer? Some of the most important ones include the 4D skin rejuvenator, a fully integrated treatment session with innovative working technology that merges four different treatment techniques.

The Eye Perfection session employs radio frequencies in addition to pumping focused oxygen on the eye contour and uses a special vitamin cocktail rich in a concentrated formula to restore vitality and youth to the targeted area.

The Acne Free treatment is only employed after correctly diagnosing the skin. It is crucial to treat the inside of the spots in a focused manner by using amino acids to ensure the area is left sterilised and without any traces of infection.

Dr Emil Yengibaryan from Bogari Denta Derma Center observes that acne, rosacea, pigmentation and melasma – a skin condition characterised by brown or blue-grey patches or freckle-like spots – are common problems. He explains: “Acne is caused due to blocked hair follicles on the skin that lead to oil and bacteria in the pores.” Pores are tiny openings in your skin that release oil and sweat and can frequently get clogged. The result is redness and lesions – bacteria can cause inflammation and infection, worsening the condition. Rosacea causes facial flushing or sudden reddening of the face, visibility of small blood vessels or veins and pimples.

Dr Emil advises: “RF microneedling is a skin treatment that combines the methods of microneedling and radio frequency to target particular skin conditions and improve the overall texture, integrity and look of the skin.” RF or radio frequency and microneedling are two separate procedures. When combined, they can be used to treat skin issues effectively. Microneedling involves pricking the skin with tiny, sterilised needles, which triggers the production of collagen and elastin that heals your skin, making you look younger. RF involves controlled thermal damage to deeper layers of skin using a wand, which again induces the production of collagen. In RF microneedling, the needle, in addition to pricking, releases high-intensity radio frequency energy into the targeted tissue, causing additional damage and enhancing the effects. Laser treatments are effective in treating spider veins and rosacea. The laser transmits photons that are absorbed by the blood cells in the veins, which generates heat that destroys the blood vessel. The damaged vein shrinks and eventually dissolves over time.

It’s important to follow certain dos and don’ts before and after these procedures. Bioskinspa’s professional team advises leaving at least two weeks between treatments such as Botox or thread lifting. “You must inform of any allergies you may have to certain products or ingredients or if you have high sensitivity,” they say. “After the treatment, and to get better results, it is preferable not to use make-up for at least 24 hours. Use sun protection and have a personalised daily skincare routine.” Further, they advise on the basic five steps: cleansing, toning, applying face serums, moisturising and eye-area care.

They also recommend maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruits and water and following a customised skincare routine. Also, frequent spa treatments for hydration, extra glow and to unify the skin tone are recommended.

During winter, dryness, roughness and itchiness are common. Bioskinspa experts recommend preventative treatments such as antioxidant care with a silver mask, anti-ageing treatments with a 24-carat gold mask, like the Iced Precious Gold Mask, a hydrating skincare routine and gentle products that soothe the skin, preferably with horse chestnut seed and peppermint extract.

Dr Emil strongly advises against self-treatment. “Always consult with your doctor and, after the procedure, follow your doctor’s instructions,” he says. He also shares some skincare tips: drink a lot of water, eat healthy food, use sunblock with at least SPF 30 and use moisturising lotions. Also, get skin booster injections and biostimulators for refreshing, hydrating and reshaping skin texture. For the winter, he adds: “Switch from lotion to cream, take shorter showers and don’t skip sunscreen.”

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