Happy to be Home

Miss Ohlala explores the concept of this private space and the formula to make it a joyful abode.

It is said that home is a feeling and not a place. A house with many rooms and spotless interior design doesn’t necessarily represent a home. So, what makes a heartless construction become a space where we feel safe and want to spend most of our time?

A few years ago, the furniture store IKEA released its Life at Home Report showing that the traditional housing concept had evolved. The study came up with five core emotional needs to create the feeling of home: privacy, comfort, ownership, security and belonging. Meaning that you might need all five to transform your bricks-and-mortar construction into a loving, livable space.

However, the latest report from 2022 showed that two new emotional needs had been added to the five core ones: enjoyment and accomplishment. According to them, the first one comes with the sense that our refuges should give us mental and physical space to enjoy fun activities and follow our passions. In terms of accomplishment, during the pandemic, a lot of activities were done in our nests. We embraced successful activities such as work and study but also hosted unforgettable dinner parties and finished complex jigsaws. Our homes became something even more relevant in our lives. They became spaces with a greater sense of purpose.

In other words, create a residence that gives you joy! It will help if you tick all the emotional needs above. If not, look for solutions to implement them in your life and make your shelter the place you really want to be.

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