The Time Is Now

Miss Ohlala reflects on the principle of change.

The first day of spring is marked by the spring equinox, which this year falls on March 20 for Northern Hemisphere countries. The equinox is when the sun crosses the plane of the equator towards the relevant hemisphere (North in this case), making day and night of equal length. After this astronomical event, this part of the globe begins to tilt more towards the sun, resulting in an increasing number of daylight hours, with early dawns and later sunsets.

The season symbolises new beginnings, a new chapter and the opportunity of changing things. It’s when animals, plants and flowers come out of hibernation. It is also a well-known period for spring cleaning, which means deep cleansing, tidying up a place (especially homes), and getting rid of things you don’t use or don’t really need. According to Chinese beliefs, it is a chance to clear away not only physical clutter but also a cleansing of the mind, to let go of regrets and mistakes.

This year, Ramadan starts on March 21 or 22, coinciding with this period of transformation – meaning there is no better time to connect with yourself and others. A moment to stop and reflect on your everyday actions. Maybe it is a good time to start volunteering in an elderly home or orphanage, reading for them or engaging with charity initiatives and making it a regular occurrence to bring more meaning into your life. Or change small things such as eating more vegetables or trying a new food before saying you don’t like it or even just stop complaining – now is definitely the best time!

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