Goodbye, FINE LINES!

The sensitive eye contour needs extra care and Givenchy has launched the Firming and Smoothing Eye Care to help you fight signs of ageing in this area.

Our complexion is exposed to many different sources of strain: stress, urban pollution, screen light and sleep deprivation, to list some of them. The delicate skin around the eye ends up being most affected. To protect this area, Givenchy has added a new product in its Skin Perfecto range, the Firming and Smoothing Eye Care. The eye cream has a formula specially developed to correct the eye contour. Its anti-ageing and radiance-perfecting action leaves this fragile area looking smoother, firmer and brighter.

A Vitamin Blend Complex packed with vitamin-rich active ingredients is central to the Skin Perfecto line. This ultimate vitamin cocktail concentrates a pink pomelo extract, stabilised vitamin C and a pink pepper extract to energise and revive the skin’s vitality. The products in the range provide the epidermis surface with nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins.

The Firming and Smoothing Eye Care formula is composed of 97% natural origin ingredients, the Vitamin Blend Complex and an energising plant-based extract rich in taurine to help reduce signs of fatigue. It also features firming peptides and pearls that provide immediate radiance. The light and refreshing texture is easily absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. It is also an excellent make-up base.

The expert applicator has four sculpted waves intended to massage and improve circulation, and its tilted tip allows for precise application. The innovative shape enables an effective formula administration on the eye contour, stimulates cellular energy and smooths the epidermis.

In compliance with the brand’s social and environmental responsibility policy entitled The Audacity of Reinvention, the tip is removable to facilitate recycling the tube.


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